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Flexible Study in September 2021

Joining us on-campus for the start of your studies in September is by far the best way of gaining maximum benefit and maximum enjoyment from your international education experience. Meeting and engaging with tutors and peers face-to-face and being part of the life of the University can make a significant contribution to your experience and your outcomes. However, we realise that the ongoing global pandemic is a challenge and the situation is unpredictable. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that our most popular international courses will be delivered flexibly at the start of the new academic year 2021/22. This means, you can either join us on our safe campus to study in socially distanced learning environments, or you may start your course online and join us here at a later date.

Courses offering an online start in September

Undergraduate Top-up courses

These three top-up programmes will have both an on-campus and remote learning option throughout the whole year. You will be able to travel at any time during the academic year.

Postgraduate courses

(last date of arrival for postgraduate courses is 7 February 2022)

All five masters programmes will have both an on-campus and remote learning option until the 7 February. You will be able to join us at any time during the first trimester. If you are unable to reach us by the beginning of the second trimester (7 Feb), you will need to consider a study break.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions about coming to study with us in 2021.

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