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Explore your academic interests and career aspirations through UON’s breadth of subjects, range of elective courses and history of interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Subject List

Advertising and Marketing

The marketing and advertising challenges of the future encompass the rise of technology, global competition, fast-changing consumer trends and managing the entire customer experience. Our choice of marketing and advertising courses will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your career ambitions.

Art and Design

Feed your passion for the arts at UON, where you'll learn in a supportive and professional workshop and studio environment. Whatever course you choose, we provide plenty of hands-on project work and the chance to explore your abilities, ready for your future career. You can choose to specialise in various modern and popular forms of art and design.

Biological Sciences

Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Biological Sciences offer the hands-on practical learning required to give you true insight into life as a scientist. You will learn in industry-standard laboratories which are designed to equip you with the practical knowledge and experience needed for a career in the field of science.

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

The University of Northampton business degrees will equip you with all the skills you need to achieve your career prospects and stand out to potential employers. Whether you are joining us as an undergraduate or looking to advance your knowledge with our postgraduate programmes, our wide range of business degrees are sure to appeal to you.

Computer Sciences

From virtual reality and gaming to web design and security – our courses will help you develop the key skills essential for career enhancement and progression, to ensure that you excel in whichever career you choose to enter. We offer flexible, part-time and full-time, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to help you develop key computing skills.

Continuing Professional Development CPD

Continuous professional development (CPD) in healthcare is fundamental for healthcare practitioners. CPD programmes are a great way enable you to learn new skills, progress into specialisms or take on new responsibilities. You can further advance your skills by studying a postgraduate course, single module or attending a short study skills session.

Economics, Accounting and Finance

Studying one of our economics, accounting and finance courses at the University of Northampton will see you develop excellent problem solving skills, which will allow you to tackle real world challenges. Many of our courses offer professional accreditation which are seen as regulators in their respective industries.


Our Education courses are delivered by experienced and knowledgeable experts. With a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate education programmes to choose from, the University of Northampton is the ideal place to gain the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your chosen career path in this dynamic and rewarding field.


Engineering is an evolving sector that needs engineers with a wide variety of knowledge and skills. You will become immersed in our engineering labs using specialist technology, including computer simulation tools, and a mechanical and embedded system design. Our staff have significant industrial experience and use the latest teaching technology.


Through our English degrees you can explore the bold and illustrious world of English Literature; ranging from the Early Middle Ages up to the present and modern day. Our English lecturers are active researchers, who are publishing in their specialist fields, offering expert teaching in subjects ranging from Shakespeare to Victorian literature.

Environmental Sciences and Geography

Build an understanding of the physical and human factors that impact our environment daily. Discover why the environment has become a major international talking point in recent times and how you can help shape the conversation for future generations. Your lecturers are well respected and vastly experienced in their specialist fields.

Events, Tourism and Hospitality

Our courses have been specifically designed to meet the needs of industry. The Events, Tourism and Hospitality industries are dynamic, changing sectors and graduates from our courses are equipped with the creative management skills and knowledge to allow you to adapt and be successful in these diverse business environments.


Explore the world of fashion and footwear using various materials including textiles, leather, eco-friendly products and more. Our programmes place an emphasis on technical finesse, balanced by creative exploration and material investigation. The design management and marketing elements of the course will include guest lectures from notable industry specialists.

Games Art, Design, and Programming

Our Game Art, Design, and Development courses are offered as flexible, part-time and full-time, undergraduate programmes to help you develop keys skills. This undergraduate portfolio of Games programmes covers all aspects of the game creation; from programming the operation of games, to creating the design and digital artwork that players interact with.

History, Politics, and International Relations

From research-driven topics on British, European and World history, covering all periods from the 13th Century through to the 21st Century, to exploring contemporary issues such as threats to global security and the changing nature of international co-operation and power alignments. Our degrees will allow you to explore issues from the past through to the present day.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is attractive to those who wish to study business and have a particular interest in the people who work for organisations. Our Human Resource Management programmes integrate business issues with the management of people, helping you apply your learning to real life scenarios. Some of our courses offer CIPD accreditation.

Journalism and Media

Explore media production through masterclasses with industry practitioners and benefit from broadcast recording equipment and editing facilities. Learn from the best in the business as you are mentored by experienced media industry figures and ply your trade in a state-of-the-art TV and Radio recording studios here on our campus.


Study law in a way that suits you. With a choice of undergraduate and postgraduate law degree options, our programmes will equip you with the skills, knowledge and experience required to pursue a successful career in law. Our law degree options provide flexible pathways for students with various academic interests and professional goals.


Our leather courses are unique in the UK and make our graduates highly sought after by employers. Through our range of degrees and professional courses, you will acquire knowledge of the manufacturing process as well as the properties of leather. You will also develop an expertise in the technical practical skills that are necessary for future career progression.

Management and Logistics

Our Logistics and Management programmes provide applicants with the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in business. Our programmes integrate business issues with the management of people and projects and studying at university level will allow you to quickly and effectively contribute to organisations in these growing sectors.


Our MBAs are designed to provide you with management skills that global businesses demand. The structure combines the study of critical business areas and leadership skills with additional recognition, qualifications and activities. Develop professional practice by collating modules that cover the essential understanding of business.

Nursing and Midwifery

We have a strong healthcare provision of pre-registration and post-registration programmes in Nursing, Midwifery, public and professional healthcare that prepares you for work across the NHS, private and volunteering sectors. Taught by qualified academic tutors with expertise in clinical and academic fields, our programmes have a strong focus on a practice-based learning and teaching.

Performing Arts and Music

Through our portfolio of performing arts programmes we can develop your raw talent and help focus your direction towards a career in the arts. Our performing arts programmes are designed to nurture and develop raw talent. Whether it is acting on stage or screen, voice-over work, collaborative performances, devising your own stage play or recording and producing your own song or composition, we have the course for you.

Policing and Criminology

Our Policing and Criminology programmes offer you the opportunity to learn in a hands-on approach to the logistics behind crime, including the role of evidence, what crime is, and the handling of crime scenes. We have extremely close professional links with Northamptonshire Police and this means that you are exposed to a wide range of guest speakers from detectives to child protection officers.

Psychology, Counselling and Sociology

Our choice of psychology, counselling and sociology courses offer a look into the unique nature of the human complex and behaviour. You will gain an understanding of how the human mind approaches decision-making, exploring their own emotions and analysing their actions is valuable knowledge to those wanting to gain a career in counselling and a profession in the social sciences.

Public and Professional Healthcare

Our healthcare courses promote advanced knowledge of public and professional health. Studying with UON will equip you with the knowledge and skills that you will require for professional practice through combining the theoretical study with hands-on learning in the University’s specialist labs and practical settings across public, private and independent sectors.

Social Work and Social Care

Social Workers and social care professionals deal with some of the most vulnerable people in society. This hugely rewording career offers a variety of roles in the sector, giving you an opportunity to explore different career paths. Our programmes can pave the way for you to become a registered Social Worker or a Health and Social Care professional.

Sport Conditioning and Health Science

Our Sport Conditioning and Health Science courses focus on the scientific, health and business principles that underpin the sport and exercise industry. During your studies you can make use of our purpose-built laboratories and sports zone on campus to develop your knowledge and understanding of the key issues within sport and exercise science.

Teacher Training

Our teaching courses are delivered by experienced and expert tutors as well as practicing teachers to ensure you gain all the insight and knowledge you need to thrive. Undergraduates can choose from our range of courses, including initial teacher training qualification. Postgraduates can build on their skills and expand their career with a number of PGCE courses.


Starting your studies from a strong position can shape future success. With our experienced teaching staff immersing you in your chosen subject from day one, you’ll be working on projects that will give you practical insight which will stay with you throughout your learning journey and long after you graduate.


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