International Student Perks

Discover the attractive student perks and benefits available to international students at the University of Northampton, from scholarship programs to welcoming accommodation and free study trips. If you’re wondering how to apply to UON as an international student, please visit our dedicated International Students Application page for more information.

University of Northampton International Students’ Benefits

Attractive International Scholarships*

Research conducted by the University** shows that our International Scholarship schemes are better than 70% of our key competitor universities. This is because they are unlimited in number and are available at undergraduate and master’s level. Our scholarships for international students are awarded automatically if you get the grades and apply to all taught years of your course.

Wide choice of accommodation

Research** shows that our ensuite accommodation is cheaper than 93% of our key competitor universities; we offer a wide choice of room options at our Waterside campus, St Johns Halls in the town centre, and Scholars Green Student Village. You’ll also benefit from a higher standard of living in terms of age of the buildings, ensuite facilities, shared social areas and fully-equipped kitchens.

Paid work placements

With two thirds of employers looking for graduates with relevant work experience (UCAS), you can boost your long-term employability by taking the option of a paid work placement on many of our courses.

Study trips free of charge

We have made study trips and field trips an integral part of many of our courses. The benefits they bring in terms of wider-thinking, new ways of working, additional skills and knowledge all add to your future employability. In fact, we think they are so important that we will pay all travel and accommodation costs. This applies to all trips that are a compulsory part your course.

Online study subscriptions***

You’ll get free access to Office365 including Word, PowerPoint and Excel to give you the basic tools you need. Plus free access to thousands of online courses on LinkedIn Learning, so you can add new skills with the help of industry experts.

Stay Engaged, Fit and Active at a lower cost

Moving to a new country can be daunting at the best of times, and one way to build new friendships and support networks is to engage with the University’s social life. Because we realise how important it is for your wellbeing, our Students’ Union have made many sports and societies completely free. This includes any kit you may need.  Full information on free sports and societies can be found on the Students’ Union website.

If you are a keen swimmer, like working out or love exercise classes, we have arranged a discount scheme with Trilogy Leisure. They offer three levels of membership to match individual activity preferences.

*Terms and Conditions apply

**Research carried out internally during the month of June 2022 to establish UON’s competitive position vis-a-vis 27 competitor universities using information publicly available on the institutions’ websites.

***Valid for the length of your taught course at UON. The University reserves the right to withdraw this at any time. Only available for students enrolled directly at The University of Northampton. It is not licensed for any students enrolled with partners.

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