Before you arrive

Before you arrive checklist

Our Before you Start checklist contains all the things which you may need to do prior to commencing your studies at the University.

Note: Some of the below might not apply depending on your student status and programme.

  1. Read all your correspondence that we, or your partner college have sent you
    • Please make sure you have accepted your offer via the application portal or UCAS. Important additional communication regarding your programme will be sent to you after the acceptance of your offer.
  2. Meet the conditions of your offer and return any forms / information including:
  3.  Get ready for Enrolment (once you have received your email invites) including:
    • Complete Pre-Enrolment
    • Check the start date of your programme
    • Read through your programme’s Welcome Pack / Induction
    • Book a face to face Enrolment if booking is required (see our Welcome and Arrival page for more details); we recommend picking a date closest to your Induction or start date.
    • Attend your face to face Enrolment session to complete your enrolment and collect your Student ID card.
  4. View our halls information
    • Complete an online application.
  5. Contact ASSIST if you have any additional needs including if you will need assistance during arrival relating to:
    • disability,
    • medical condition,
    • autism,
    • specific learning differences (like dyslexia)
    • a mental health difficulty
  6. Check that your University or College Payment Advice has the correct university and programme.
    • If this is not correct, then contact Student Finance England (or your local funding authority) immediately.
  7. If you are paying your own fees (rather than a tuition fee loan) you will need to make payment:
  8. Set up your University Account
    • (once you have received your email invite).
  9. Contact admissions if your personal information or circumstances have changed since you confirmed your place at the University of Northampton.
  10. Read the University Rule, Regulations and Student Partnership Agreement.
  11. Find out more about keeping yourself safe at university with our Student Survival Guide (PDF, 2MB).
  12. Get ready for life at University.

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