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We work with a range of clients across public, corporate and third sectors.

UON has always been passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and businesses within its community. Alongside our current services, our team has historically delivered several, government funded and bespoke business support projects and service to help local and regional enterprises achieve growth, reach goals and recover after the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes developing programmes to support key industry sectors, small businesses and start-ups.

Hear from some of our clients below.

  • EES UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership Experience

    Hear from EES UK about their Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) experience and the benefits of pursuing a KTP. Through their KTP they have developed a Fireproof Gate to protect lift shafts and those working within them.

  • Hear from our Academics about Scottish Leather Group and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

    Hear from our academics supporting the Scottish Leather Group, one of the world’s finest sustainable leather groups, about their Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) experience and the benefits of pursuing a KTP.

  • Atlantic Equine funds new online site through Additional Restrictions Grant

    Atlantic Equine is a Daventry-based company that imports and distributes high-quality, brand-name equine hoofcare products, with a customer base including many major horse-racing yards, farriers, vets, studs and horse-owners. Originally founded in 1989 by Tony Lindsell, Charlotte and Michael Easom became the new owners in 2020 after agreeing a management buyout with Tony coming to retirement.

    At the outbreak of COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, the industry was forced to stop all areas of activity, from general horse riding, pony club, and show jumping, to polo and horse racing. This meant that the demand for Atlantic Equines’ products was brought almost to a halt, having a severe impact on the business. Although they were able to continue providing essential products to farriers, vets and equine podiatrists to maintain the welfare of the animals, Atlantic Equine were then hit with supply issues due to many manufacturers stopping production in line with lockdown rules; even the smallest demand became difficult to meet.

    To support the business throughout the pandemic, Michael and Charlotte applied for the Additional Restrictions grant, funded by the UK Government through West Northamptonshire Council and managed by the University of Northampton. “The grant process was very detailed, but our adviser  Paul Smith  supported us through the process and was extremely helpful when we needed guidance.”

    Paul explained: “Recognising their enthusiasm as they worked to overcome the impact of the pandemic, it was a pleasure to help Michael and Charlotte navigate the grant application process.”

    Atlantic Equines application was successful, receiving the funding enabled them to fund the creation of a new website, Online Equine. The new website integrates with a new stock system to control and measure stock flows, in turn managing stock across all platforms and dramatically reducing the risk of error. The new website also integrates with Atlantic Equine’s accounts software and reconciles each order. Having the new website integrate with other systems enables the use of new sales channels on multiple selling platforms, such as eBay, Etsy and Google; simultaneous communication with suppliers API stock portals for up-to-date availability; and increased turnover and margins as orders will be able to arrive the next day.

    Going forward, Michael and Charlotte plan to maintain the firmly established high standards of Atlantic Equine, as well as bring a greater shopping experience to customers. They plan to offer a broader range of products which will increase sales and workload, enabling the Atlantic Equine team to grow.

  • Warner Recruitment grow their digital marketing with Additional Restrictions Grant

    Warner Recruitment is a Finance and Accounting recruitment agency based in Northampton. Working in partnership with local job seekers and business across Northamptonshire, they specialise in temporary, permanent and contract positions in the Finance and Accounting sector.

    The business was founded in June 2020 by director Julie Warner. Julie has been recruiting Finance and Accounting professionals across Northamptonshire since 2006. As the business grew, Haydon Warner joined the company in June 2021 as Recruitment Director. Over the last 9 months, the company has taken on staff and currently has 9 employees.

    As a business that was created during the first COVID-19 lockdown, the company initially ran virtually from home using Teams and Zoom. The company invested time into their social media presence and the creation of video content to promote the company and its services, “This was a great way to present and promote Warner Recruitment, especially when travel and face-to-face meetings were restricted.”

    Warner Recruitment successfully applied for the Additional Restrictions Grant, funded by UK Government, distributed through West Northamptonshire Council and managed by the University of Northampton, to support the business throughout the pandemic. Despite being Haydon’s first grant application, he found that the process was “clear and simple. I was provided good guidance on my application; this was very helpful.” Haydon also noted that the ‘quick response was great when making plans on the construction of the new website.” Receiving the grant has enabled the company to continue investment into digital marketing; an area which became significant to their business during the lockdowns. Warner Recruitment have used the funding to create two short professional films to be used ‘front and centre’ of the new company website which will launch in June 2022.

    Business Adviser, Paul Smith commented: “Working with this client was very refreshing as they were very open to advice and guidance throughout the process.”

    It is an exciting time for Warner Recruitment as they look to establish themselves across Northamptonshire as the leading agency for Finance and Accounting recruitment. They are looking to grow their team and invest in ‘state of the art’ digital technology to allow them to offer a premium service to clients and candidates.

  • Additional Restrictions Grant supports Finger Shark to reach new customers

    Finger Shark is a Northampton-based SME that provides a writing and typing stabiliser for both adults and children. The Finger Shark was designed and produced by Chantel Walton, a mum of two children who both have hypermobility. After experiencing first-hand the struggles her two children were dealing with, Chantel decided to create a product to support them in their everyday life. Chantel wanted support to bring the Finger Shark to market as she believes passionately in aiding children and adults to carry out everyday tasks and writing without experiencing pain.

    Whilst Chantel’s other passions, running a pre-school gymnastics group and being a volunteer football coach for Blisworth’s mixed under-9s, were affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, she took the opportunity to form Finger Shark during the lockdown period.

    Creating a business during a worldwide pandemic had its difficulties; due to physical lockdowns and social restrictions, Chantel struggled to get the Finger Shark in front of her target markets. Chantel received support for the Finger Shark in the form of the Additional Restrictions Grant, funded through West Northamptonshire Council and administered by the University of Northampton.

    Receiving the grant had an invaluable impact on the business, Chantel was able to maintain a website to get the Finger Shark in front of a wider market and create more products to fulfil an increasing number of orders. Unlike some Covid-19 Grant processes, Chantel said the application process for the Additional Restrictions Grant “was straightforward and easy to understand”. Her adviser at the University of Northampton supported her through the process and she was delighted to learn that her application had been successful.

    Having already expanded the product provision of the Finger Shark to two sizes, for children and adults, Chantel now aims to expand further. She has plans to work with retailers to offer the Finger Shark in stores, as well as making it a product that can be provided through NHS Occupational Therapy teams. The next step Chantel will be taking towards expanding is the creation of the Finger Shark plastic moulding machine.

    Helen Miller, Head of Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise at the University of Northampton, says:

    “We are delighted to have been able to support Chantel during what has been an extremely challenging time for anyone wanting to start or grow their business. It is very rewarding to see how the funding has enabled such an innovative product to reach a wider audience. We wish Chantel every success and look forward to supporting her further as her business grows.”

  • Additional Restrictions Grant enables Spokes Education to develop its offer

    Spokes Education is a Northampton – based digital learning agency. They work with a wide range of organisations around the world providing a variety of services from learning design, creative design, and animation/film, to training and development, consultancy, and administrative services.

    As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Spokes Education experienced a number of projects being delayed or cancelled, including a film project that would have enabled a move into a new service area. However, they were also able to secure new business which minimised the impact of the pandemic.

    Regional Business Engagement Officer, Adam Lawton said:

    “Phil at  Spokes education is a pleasure to work with, so organised and quick to respond. It makes the process very simple. It was great to work with Phil on this project. The new equipment will enable Spokes Education to diversify and grow in their market.”

    Spokes Education aim to continue expanding and undertake more film work now that they have the equipment and experience to do so.

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