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The Northampton Employment Promise

Whatever your ambitions, we’re here to help you to achieve them.

At UON, we work with a diverse range of employers alongside our employability enhancing services to ensure that our graduates stand out from the crowd as socially responsible and highly employable global citizens.

We’re confident you’ll graduate with all the skills and knowledge you need to kickstart your career, however, if you’re not employed six months after graduating, we’ll guarantee you six months support from a dedicated Careers Development Consultant, followed by the offer of a paid internship if you are still looking for work.

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How does our Employment Promise work?

The Employment Promise at UON works in three simple steps:

1. Commit to your studies.

To be eligible for the Employment Promise, you’ll need to complete your HND or achieve a 2:2 or above degree classification so it’s really important that you focus on your chosen course.

2. You’ll also need to complete one of our flagship awards:

The two awards that you’ll need to complete are either the Changemaker Certificate Level 3 or Employability Plus Gold. These awards involve getting to know yourself, identifying and working on your strengths and gaining practical experience so that when it comes to graduating you’re in a great position to start your career.

3. Keep in touch with us.

As alumni of the University of Northampton, we’re here for you wherever your career or future study takes you. We’ve made the Northampton Employment Promise because we’re so confident that completing steps one and two will impress employers and get you on the right path. However, if it doesn’t work out and you find you haven’t secured employment we’ll support you. Get in touch with Student Futures (studentfutures@northampton.ac.uk) and one of our Career Development Consultants will proactively work with you to help you into employment or further study. If you are still unable to find employment or further study after working for six months with our Career Development Consultant regularly, we will offer you discounted master’s study fees at the University of Northampton or a paid internship (lasting no fewer than three months) to help you get back on track and enhance your employability further.

  • What is the Employment Promise and why are we creating it?

    We’re really proud of the support we’re able to offer you as a student and alumni of the University of Northampton. We’ve worked with employers for many years and we’re confident that our incredible students are able to secure jobs promptly after leaving us.

    We created the Employment Promise because we want you to feel confident that investing so much money and time committing to your chosen degree, alongside one of the awards is worth it. A combination of the knowledge gained from your degree plus skills and experience throughout your award puts you in a competitive position.

    However, if you haven’t managed to secure paid experience 6 months after you’ve graduated, we’re here to support you. A Career Development Consultant will work with you to identify your motivations, explore options and support you into work or further study. If you are unable to secure work or further study after working with a Career Development Consultant consistently for six months, we will secure a paid internship of at least three months for you to help you get back on track and enhance your career prospects further.

    What is Employability Plus and the Changemaker Certificate?

    We offer a range of support for you whilst at university, so that you’re ready for life as a graduate.

    Employability Plus is one of our flagship awards, taking you on a journey from analysing your skills and understanding where you want to be, through to gaining the experience and career skills you need to get there. You complete the Employability Plus award during your studies and there are different levels depending on how much you complete. The Gold award is the highest level and demonstrates your commitment and understanding.

    The Changemaker Certificate is a different award, which you also complete during your studies. The award is designed to enable you to become a ‘Changemaker’ who has social impact and can make a difference to the world. You can find out more on our Changemaker pages.

    What will the internship involve?

    The University of Northampton offers careers information, advice and guidance to all of its graduates for life. If you have been unable to find work or further study six months after graduating, let us know and one of our Career Development Consultants will work with you to develop a career plan which will support you towards gaining employment or further study.

    If you are unable to secure employment or further study 12 months after graduating following working with one of our Career Development Consultants regularly, we’ll find an internship to match your skills. It will be a paid internship (at National Minimum Wage or higher) and be an opportunity for you to get some practical experience on your CV.

    Who are the employers?

    Northamptonshire is home to many employers, large and small. There are also a number of Northampton alumni who can offer internship opportunities. We have regular careers events where you can meet employers and we strongly encourage that you do so to increase your network and get a feel for what employers are looking for.

    What if I want to pursue a master’s qualification?

    If you decide your next step is a master’s qualification we’ll support you to secure a place at the University of Northampton. As alumni you’re also entitled to a 20% discount if you sign up to a full 180 credit masters degree.

    I’m already a student, what does this mean for me?

    As a current UON student you are eligible for the Northampton Employment Promise. If you want to find out more, pop along to Student Futures in the Learning Hub or email studentfutures@northampton.ac.uk.

    I’m an international student, does this apply to me?

    The Northampton Employment Promise is available to University of Northampton graduates who meet all the above conditions and who have a legal right to work in the UK. Unfortunately, if you need a visa to work in the UK, we will not be able to offer an internship, but would be happy to help you explore further study options.

    I’m an employer, how can I get involved by offering an internship?

    We would love to hear from you! Send us an email to employability@northampton.ac.uk to discuss next steps.

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