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My journey to Japan: preparing for an unforgettable summer.

Student short term study and exchange experiences are valued very highly at UON. Van Anh was fortunate enough to successfully secure a place at Kansai University, in Japan, this summer.…

5 July 2024

Forget ‘limitations’, learning disability nurses think about potential

UON academics and their students have been thinking about this and the following quote about what LD Nurses do: “'LD nurses don't just think outside the box...they think about what's…

17 June 2024

The babies’ manifesto – a response from the Childhood, Youth and Families team

In a follow-up to her latest opinion piece for the Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network, Dr Helen Simmons blogs about the UON perspective on the Manifesto for Babies that was…

14 June 2024

UON Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guidance

Explore how the University of Northampton is leading the way in integrating Generative AI into academia. Learn about their ethical guidelines, innovative tools, and support systems designed to enhance AI…

12 June 2024

A Students Guide to Success: 6 tips to support your exam study

For students who have exams this can be a stressful time of year, but there are things that can make it easier. We’ve collated some hints and tips that students…

2 May 2024

It’s an Olympic Year

As we approach Paris 2024, I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas of activities for children to do in school to build momentum and share the excitement.

26 April 2024

Making Friends as an Introvert

In this blog, Gloria describes how joining a UON society strengthened her faith, connected her with like-minded friends, and transformed her university experience.

26 April 2024

Nursing notes: a Student’s Journey at the University of Northampton

From the nerves of stepping into my first clinical placement, to the deep sense of pride caring for premature babies on the Neonatal Unit, each experience has shaped me as…

26 April 2024

“It’s not just about washing people’s bums!” An Adult Nurse gives her take on the profession.

Win Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Advanced Nursing, talks about how a random conversation at a party inspired her to go into the nursing profession, why she feels it’s rightly one…

25 April 2024

The Golden Threads #1: Making Connections.

Dr Emel Thomas, in conversation with her Childhood, Youth and Families (CYF) colleagues Dr Helen Simmons and Robin Sturman-Coombs, reflects on her career journey to being an education academic at…

24 April 2024

An educational revolution. Placing special educational needs and inclusion at the heart of mainstream teaching and learning.

The Accessible Learning Foundation was launched in September last year by the then Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, to support individuals with dyslexia. It was seen as a ‘beacon of hope’…

23 April 2024

A Career in Children and Young’s People Nursing.

We caught up with Bally to hear first-hand about her varied career in one of the more challenging areas of nursing - working with and for children and young people,…

22 April 2024