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A student guide to journalling

Student nurse Dorcas Salako shares her very personal student guide to journalling while at university and beyond. Dorcas turned to writing to help make sense of the changes in her…

18 May 2023

Chatter is priceless – it’s never too soon!

Dr Tanya Richardson, Senior Lecturer in Early Years, shares her thoughts on the importance of conversation with young children

11 May 2023

A quick guide to making the most of your study time

Biomedical Sciences student Laurie shares her insights and tips on how to make the most of your studies at the University of Northampton.  

9 May 2023

Historical Sites in Northamptonshire: A student’s guide

A student POV of beautiful gardens, historical sites and green spaces waiting to be explored within Northampton and Northamptonshire.

4 May 2023

International Student POV: Physiotherapy Work Placement

Gina shares her Care Home placement experience as an International Student, studying Physiotherapy (pre-registration) MSc.

25 April 2023

My UON Transfer Journey: Year 2 Adult Nursing

Luis expresses his thoughts and feelings throughout the process of transferring to the University of Northampton and shares his insights to moving to a new environment.

21 April 2023

4 stores to shop for Halal groceries in Northampton

Are you a new student and/or looking for stores to shop for Halal groceries in Northampton? Here are 4 stores to get everything from meat, poultry, seafoods to general groceries!

19 April 2023

A personal perspective on safety: using what’s around me to keep myself safe.

Throughout her years as a police officer, Lorna has exposed herself to some significant risks and taken decisions over her safety and that of others. This is her story.

12 April 2023

My care home placement experience as a Physiotherapy master’s student

Bronwyn, in her first year of a master’s programme for physiotherapy, details what her placement year has been like and what she has learnt.

4 April 2023

A personal perspective on safety: asking for help to keep myself safe.

Lorna has been a police officer for nearly 20 years and has learnt several things about keeping herself safe. This blog is about two experiences Lorna has had.

3 April 2023

Become a UON Brand Student Influencer

If you are passionate about being an influential voice for UON, then we are looking for you!

30 March 2023

Helen Bolton: my Occupational Therapy experience in Finland

Helen shares her experiences and the highlights of an Occupational Therapy journey of a lifetime through an exchange with the University of Applied Sciences (JAMK), Jyväskylä, Finland.

28 March 2023