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Enrolment information

What is Enrolment?

Enrolment is when you are confirmed as a student at the University. The enrolment process usually involves two stages which you must complete:

  • Step 1 – Pre-Enrolment – An online process to verify personal details, confirm your programme of studies and provide identification documentation.
  • Step 2 – Face to Face Session – A face-to-face process session on campus. We will check your personal details and identification, scan passport/visa (if applicable) and provide you with a student ID card

(Please note: Some programmes (e.g. Distance Learning) do not require a Face-to-Face enrolment)

September 2021 to June 2022

If you have previously enrolled and still need to attend a Face-To-Face enrolment session then you can attend any of our advertised enrolment sessions. Please view our upcoming enrolment schedule for details of enrolment sessions

September 2021

Please visit our Welcome and Arrival – September 2021 page for detailed information on the enrolment dates, travel and arrival information.

  • If you have enrolled and have any of the following unresolved, then you may be given a Temporary status:

    • Passport or BRP (International Students Only)
    • Visa verification
    • Occupational Health
    • DBS
    • Module choice
    • Qualifications
    • Visa sanction

    A temporary status (your student card will have temporary written on it) gives you access to University systems so that you can study, however you must resolve the outstanding issues by the required dates or you might be withdrawn from your programme. Please note that you will be liable for fees from week three of teaching.

  • The first part of the enrolment which you must complete is pre-enrolment. For most students we will send you two emails detailing how and when to pre-enrol:

    • An email which details the pre-enrolment process and what you need to do
    • An email which includes your unique password to login to pre-enrolment (if you already have a self-service account you will not receive this email)

    Once you have received both your emails then please login and complete pre-enrolment. During pre-enrolment, please upload a passport style photo (for your student card) and photographic ID:

    • UK Nationals – Passport or Driving Licence (including provisional)
    • Overseas Nationals – Passport


    Please note: if you are enrolling in September 2021, Pre-Enrolment will open on 24 August.

    If you are having difficulties with pre-enrolment, please read our guide or attend (invite will be sent you via email) one of our enrolment webinars which are taking place in August and September 2021. If you need any further assistance, then please contact our enrolment support team on 0300 303 2772 or email

  • If you are studying on campus, then you will need to attend a face to face session where we will check your personal details and identification, scan your passport/visa and provide you with your student ID card.

    What do I need to bring to a face to face session?

    Identification Documents

    Please bring the following identification documents:

    • Photographic Identification
      • UK Nationals – Passport or Driving Licence (including provisional)
      • Overseas Nationals – Passport
    • Other Identification (e.g. bank cards, birth certificates, official letters etc) in case we need to identify you further

    (Note: if you are a UK national and do not have a passport or driving licence then you should bring official documents which will allow us to confirm your identity)

    Other Documents/Information

    You should also bring the following:

    • Your eight-digit Student ID Number
    • Qualification certificates/slips if you have not already submitted them
    • University/College Payment Advice from Student Finance England (or your local funding authority) – loans cannot be paid unless your information is correct and we can access your Student Support Number
    • Accommodation Arrival Information (if you are moving into halls)
    • Mobile number and preferred personal email address

    When do face to face enrolment sessions take place?

    Please view our upcoming enrolment schedule for details of enrolment sessions. If the upcoming enrolment schedule advises you to book an enrolment session then please use the booking form link.

    Book onto an enrolment session

Not Ready to Enrol

If you have any of the following issues then you will not be enrolled, will not receive an ID card and will not be allowed to move into halls:

    • Finance sanction involving paying your fees
    • No ID provided
  • U18s confirmation not submitted
  • Residency Status (e.g. home/overseas status) unresolved

Campus Access

The University of Northampton is an access-controlled campus therefore, you need to be fully enrolled and have received a student card to be able to access buildings, learning and teaching spaces, academic sessions, resources, and online systems and content. Please ensure that you attend an advertised face to face session (and where required, book on to the session) so that you can complete your enrolment. If you attend the University outside of scheduled enrolment times, you may not be able to receive a student card and access the campus.

Getting Here

If you are attending a face to face session over Welcome Weekend (24-27 September 2021) then please see our Welcome and Arrival – September 2021 for travel arrangements. If you are attending a session at another time then please see our Travel and Parking pages for more information on how to get to the University

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