Certificate and Transcripts

About your certificate and transcripts

A degree certificate is the official award document, confirming your degree.

A transcript lists the titles, grades and credit values of the modules you studied and successfully completed in each academic year.

Certificates and transcripts are always posted together.  The transcript has a link to the online Diploma Supplement.

Requesting your certificate and transcript

Please note that certificates and transcripts are not posted automatically upon completion of your award. They are only sent upon request to ensure that they are sent to your current address. You can request your certification documents by completing the online certificate claim form.

Your certificate and transcript will become available for release six weeks after the date you are officially awarded. We send out batches of certificates and transcripts approximately every two weeks. Completion of the online certificate claim form will ensure that your request is added to our system and that your documents are posted as soon as they are available for release.

All certificates and transcripts are sent by Royal Mail Second Class post to UK addresses. All overseas mail is sent by DHL.

Lost Award Documents

It is your responsibility to ensure that we are updated with any changes to contact information as soon as possible. Completion of the online certificate claim form with any updated information will override your previous request and we will update your record.

If your documents have been lost in the post and the address provided was correct we can provide one free of charge replacement provided you claim this within one year of the original postage date. Please email certification@northampton.ac.uk for all lost document enquiries. Please note we will have to wait two months from the dispatch date to ensure the documents are not delayed and are truly lost.

If your documents have been lost due to an incorrect address or it is over one year since the original postage date you will need to purchase replacement documents.

How can I check how my name will appear on my certificate or transcript?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your name is correct on your student record prior to your results being processed at an award and status board. If you would like to check this at any time prior to being awarded, please email SID@northampton.ac.uk.

After your award has been officially conferred it is no longer possible to change your name. The formal conferment record holds your name as it appeared on your student record and any changes could result in your award becoming unverifiable.

If you believe that there is an error on your certificate and/or transcript please email certification@northampton.ac.uk with a copy of your passport which was current at the time you enrolled on your course. We will only be able to complete an official name change in exceptional circumstances (Word 40KB). Please note any post-award name change requests for omitted names MUST be received within one year of you receiving your documents.

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