At the University of Northampton, we offer a unique combination of benefits for international students that make us hard to beat when it comes to deciding where to study for your UK degree. This includes our Accommodation Guarantee for new undergraduates, work placement optionsInternational Short Study programmes and our attractive International Scholarship scheme. In our video ‘Messages from Northampton’ some of our students talk about their individual experience of these key aspects of life at UON.

We run courses starting in September, January and June. Please visit our Key Dates and information page for the latest information on our upcoming intakes.

If you have a specific question you would like answered, you may find what you are looking for in our International FAQs section.

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Our dedicated International Student Support team is here to help continuing students, current students, and new international students with all aspects of life at UON including Visa and Immmigration matters.

Messages From Northampton

International students call home to share their UON experience with friends and family.


  • How do I apply?

    We have detailed guidance to help you through the application process on our how to apply page.

    When do I apply?

    We have intakes in September, January and June. Please visit our Key Dates page to see the application deadlines and full details.

    Do you accept my qualifications?

    You can find a list of qualifications that we accept on your specific UON in Your Country page. For further details on the application process please visit the how to apply page.

    What visas will I need to study?

    What documents and visas you need may change depending on your course and length of study. Please visit our required documents for visa applications page for more information on what visas are required, CAS letters, and required documents.

    When do I receive my CAS?

    We will issue a CAS as once your offer is unconditional, and we have received your tuition fee deposit.

    Once you have received the CAS, please apply for your visa immediately in case visa processing times are delayed. This is particularly important if you are a PhD student, planning to bring dependants.

    Do I need to have an IELTS test?

    We do not accept Medium of Instruction letters and you can find the tests we accept on our How to Apply page.

    Can I apply to a Master’s course with a HND?

    No, you need a bachelor’s degree.

    How many days a week do I need to be on campus?

    You will not normally be on campus on more than 3 days per week but individual subject timetables may vary.

    Can I bring dependants with me?

    Please refer to the current Government guidance on bringing dependants to the UK.

  • When should I arrive?

    Please arrive in the UK at the start of term or as soon as possible afterwards. This is to ensure you do not miss your first weeks of classes.

    Please visit our Term dates page to check the start of term for your intake and the Key Dates page for the most up to date timelines.

    You should not use the last date of arrival on your CAS as your arrival date.

    How do I enrol?

    You will need to complete an online pre-enrolment prior to your arrival at UON. Details on how to do this will be emailed to you closer to the time. For more information on enrolment, please visit our enrolment page.

    How do I book a face-to-face enrolment?

    You will receive an enrolment email with details of how to book a face-to-face enrolment session.

    • If you are NOT living in halls, you can book face-to-face enrolment through the enrolment portal.
    • If you ARE living in halls, you can book face-to-face enrolment through the accommodation portal.
    What documents do I need to bring to enrolment?

    If you are an Overseas National, you will need to bring your passport; please see our Enrolment information webpages for more information.

    You can also check out our New Students webpages for a ‘before you arrive’ checklist. If there’s something on this checklist that you’ve not been able to do, please bring the information to your face-to-face enrolment session.

    I have not yet arranged my accommodation in the UK, can I still pre-enrol?

    We strongly recommend that you arrange your accommodation before you travel to the UK. At pre-enrolment stage, we do ask you to provide a term time address. It is possible to add a temporary address, or the Waterside Campus address, but you must make sure you update this at face-to-face enrolment or as soon as you have the correct accommodation information.

    Can I get a student letter to open a bank account before I enrol?

    Usually no, as you need to show  proof you are a student to open a bank account. You could put some money onto a debit or credit card that can be used overseas to tide you over until you can open the bank account. If you are still worried about this, we recommend contacting our International Student Support team on for guidance.

    After you have enrolled, you can request a student letter.

    Are the laptops available to international students?

    Laptops are not available for international students as we have scholarships for international students as the main benefit instead.

    I am still waiting for my CAS/my visa/my passport to come back from the visa centre – can I still pre-enrol?

    Yes, you can still pre-enrol. Just make sure you have booked your accommodation so you can complete the term-time address and upload a scanned copy of your passport, if necessary. However, you will need to bring the original to the face-to-face enrolment session.

    Do I need to bring my BRP to enrolment?

    You need to collect your BRP within ten days of arriving in the UK from the Post Office in Northampton town centre. If you can do this before face-to-face enrolment it is useful, but if not, you can still attend the enrolment appointment and bring the BRP to the desk to be scanned as soon as you have it.

    Can international students move into accommodation early?

    International students staying in university owned accommodation will be able to move into their accommodation from arrival weekend, details of which can be found on the Key Dates page.

  • How can I see what the campus is like?

    If, like most international students, you cannot visit us in person, you could take our virtual tour.

    If you are able to travel to the UK, our Open Days to give you the opportunity to find out everything you need to know about studying with us, or you can register for a Campus Tour.

    How can I talk to current students?

    You can ask questions of current students on our Unibuddy platform. They all have a short profile telling you about themselves, so you can choose who best to talk to.

    Do you have other virtual events that I could join?

    We list all our virtual events on our web site – there are lots to choose from, including lectures, webinars and virtual tours.

    Do you have Social Media channels for international students?

    Yes, we do and we would love to hear from you on our international Facebook account, Instagram, X and TikTok accounts. Once you have applied you will also be invited to join the Applicants Facebook page for your year of entry.

    Can I ask a question at a time that works for me in my time zone?

    Yes, you can contact our automated Whatsapp assistant  at any time. Any questions that the assistant can’t answer will be picked up in person when we are open.

    Can I meet a representative of UON in my country?

    We have several Principal Representatives and they can give you expert advice about living and studying with us. You can book a one-to-one session direct with them or, if we do not have local representation, you can book a counselling session with one of our International Officers. We also attend many virtual events and, subject to ongoing travel restrictions, we may be attending education fairs near you.

  • How can I get a scholarship?

    Scholarships are available to our International students to help meet the costs of tuition fees.

    Explore your options on the International Scholarships page.

    What are the International tuition fees?

    The cost of your fees will depend on the course you are studying and length of study. You can read more information on our International tuition fees page.

    Your tuition fee will be included in your conditional offer letter.

    How do I pay tuition fees?

    There are a few options which are outlined in your unconditional offer letter.

    Further details on payment methods can be found on our International Fees page

    How do I pay my deposit?

    You will need to pay a minimum deposit of £7,000 before a CAS letter can be issued to you. Detailed instructions on how to pay the deposit, including payment methods, will be provided in your unconditional offer letter. This will include guidance on completing an Acceptance and Financial Guarantee Form online.

    You can find out more about pre-entry costs and budgeting guidance on our pre-entry costs page.

  • What support is available?

    We offer an extensive support package throughout your studies. ​​​​​​​​We have a range of support and services available to help ensure that your time at the University is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Our services offer support in many areas including academic, mental and physical health, disabilities, and general student support.

    Visit our Support Hub to find out more.

    Does the University have Halls of Residence?

    We have on-campus, town centre and suburban off-campus options. Visit our Accommodation pages to find out more about the types of accommodation offered at each location and the prices.

    Can I live in private accommodation?

    Yes, private accommodation is available and is the only option if you are a PhD student bringing dependents, as they cannot live with you in halls of Residence. Please refer to our Guidance for international students thinking of living off-campus  and  to the UKCISA website for helpful information and advice.

    How do I apply for accommodation?

    Our Accommodation page has information on how to apply, accommodation fees and what accommodation is available.

    You can apply for accommodation after you have accepted our offer and paid your deposit. Further details are included in your unconditional offer letter.

    You can also visit the accommodation FAQs for more advice about accommodation.

    What is the social life like at UON?

    UON has an active Students’ Union, which offers a range of sports and societies, as well as an active town near-by. You can visit our Social Life and Living on Campus page for more information.

  • Can I work while studying?

    International students can work up to 20 hours per week in term time and full-time during University vacations. UKCISA has an excellent information section.

    What employability support is there?

    From the Northampton Employment Promise, to our Work-Placed Learning Placements and UniTemps support, we want to support your employability.

    Visit our Work and Employability page to find out more.

    How can I get my University transcript/certificate?

    Please contact the Certificates and Transcript Team for information on requesting documents, copies or verifications of certificates and transcripts.

  • Logging in

    How do I login to my Portal for the first time?

    If it is your first-time logging into your applicant portal, the link you need is: should be using the email you used to apply and the password created at application stage.

    Password issues

    I don’t know what my password is, what should I do?

    It will depend on how you have applied from us:

    • I have applied with a UON Principal Representative or Agent

    If you are applying with one of our agents or Principal Representatives, you should contact them in the first instance as they can reset this for you.

    • I applied directly through the website

    If you applied directly via our website, the password you created to submit your application will be the same password for your applicant portal. If this still is not working, please click the ‘forgotten password button’ this can be found under the “Applicants, Partners and Affiliates” tab. Here you can confirm your details and choose your new password.

    Please note you will need to enter the email address you used to create your account, your surname or family name, and your date of birth.

    • I applied via UCAS

    If you applied via UCAS your first initial e-mail from the University of Northampton will have a paragraph called “the applicant Portal”. This will tell you the steps to creative a password to access your portal.

    I tried to reset the password, but it still just keeps saying invalid login even when changed.

    If you have tried to change the password and it is still coming up as invalid, please click on the ‘IT Service Desk form‘ to request assistance from our team.

    Portal actions

    How do I upload additional documents to my Portal?

    You can only upload documents if a request has been made from a member of the international admissions team. When documents have been requested, the ‘documents’ tile on your portal will turn red. This indicates there is an action for you to complete. Click the tile and you will see the name of the document/s requested and a button to upload them from your device to the portal. Once completed make sure you click “update” or “save”.

    Once this has been completed, our admissions team will be notified. Please note the updated offer can take a week or two so please consider this before chasing.

    When I tried to upload the documents on the Application Documents section, every time I open the webpage, I can only see a white screen even if the page has finished loading. What can I do?

    If you are having any issues with uploading the documents, please email them to and please include your full name and student number in the communication so we can easily locate the documents to your application. We also advise sending us a message on the portal to indicate to us that you have done this. The admissions inbox can get very busy and therefore longer to action than those uploaded directly to the portal.

    I want to change the email address associated with my account, how can I do this?

    If you view your personal details in your applicant portal, you will see an “Update” button by the Correspondence Address. This will open a new window for you to amend your details. When you have completed this please press ‘Save’ at the bottom. This will send an e-mail to the Admissions Team to verify the change.

    If you applied via UCAS you will need to make any amendment on your UCAS Hub.

    I paid my deposit and accepted my offer but the portal is still showing as ‘decision pending.’

    First make sure your payment has been confirmed by the finance department, you can do this by emailing Payments take several days for us to receive and process. Please allow a week before checking if payment is received. Once this has been confirmed and if the issue still presides, please email the admissions team on

    I can’t see any tiles or actions on my portal, just a summary of my details. How can I fix this?

    First try to reset your password. Please follow the instructions to do this from above. If the problem persists you will need to contact IT support on

    Make sure you include your student number and screenshots where possible.

    Paying fees.

    How do I pay the deposit?

    When you have accepted your offer and confirmed your place, the deposit/payment tile will turn red on your applicant portal. From here you can select the method you wish to pay with. It is very important that you make sure you write your student ID number as a reference so finance can locate the payment.

    I paid my full course fee, but it is only showing as £7,000 on the portal.

    Please send an email to so they can confirm the amount paid and they can then update this on your portal.

    I paid my £7,000 deposit but it says I need to pay a second payment of £7,000 before my CAS can be issued and deposit payment is still showing as red.

    You need to contact us on The team will assess what has been paid and then one of the payment requests can be removed from your account. Please include a copy of your payment receipt in the communication along with your student number. Once this has been done, the red deposit tile should disappear, and the CAS process can start for you.


    Where on the portal do I receive my CAS?

    When we are ready to start your CAS process you will be sent an email informing you. You will also see that the ‘View CAS request’ tab on the applicant portal will turn red, and you will need to confirm your personal details by going through ‘My CAS Actions’. You will also need to approve a draft CAS on the portal before the final CAS can be issued.

    When will my CAS actions box be ready?

    Providing CAS issuance for the intake has resumed, the CAS process will start when you have confirmed your unconditional offer, met all conditions, and paid your £7,000 deposit. Please note waiting times can be longer during peak periods.

    What is a draft CAS?

    A draft CAS is a mock-up of what your final CAS will look like that can be checked for accuracy before the final CAS is issued. The reason we include the draft CAS is to ensure any errors or alterations are picked up before it gets to final CAS stage, as errors at this late stage take longer to amend and are more time consuming. You should proofread the draft very carefully and notify us of any errors as soon as possible.

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