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IT support

Setting up your University account

The University provides you with many online services and resources which you can access by using your University account.

  • Your University account consists of a Username, a password and PIN.
  • Your Username is your student number.
  • You will have been set a temporary password which you will need to change to set up your account.

Your temporary password will be your date of birth in six digits (DD/MM/YY) followed by the first letter of your surname in capitals and then the second letter of your surname in lowercase, followed by the = sign.

  • An Example password is: 081086Fa= – This would be your password if your surname is Farmer and your date of birth is 8 October 1986.

How to set up your account and change your password

1. Work out your temporary password from the guidance above, and then visit:

2. You will need to enter your Username and temporary password.

3. Next you will need to answer three security questions. These will be used to reset your password if you forget it in the future, so make sure you remember your answers.

4. Click on the ‘Change password’ button from the side menu. You will need to enter your temporary password again and then set a new password for your account. Your password will need to have a capital letter, a lowercase letter and a number and be longer than 8 characters in length, it cannot contain your name or date of birth for security reasons.

5. You’ve now changed your password and made your online account secure.

6. Click on the ‘My profile’ button from the side menu and you can view your PIN.  If you wish to change your PIN, or nothing is showing, then you can type four digits into the box. Make sure you make a note of your PIN and keep this safe.

7. Click SAVE and your University account is set up.

Once you enrol with the University your account will be fully activated and you will be able to use it to access your course materials via NILE, read full-text online books and journal articles via NELSON, borrow loanable laptops and library books and connect to the University WIFI.

Your university account will also be used to access the student hub where you can find all the information you should need to support you as a student. You will find links to timetabling, IT Services and your university email. The student hub has information about how to access your free version of Office 365 and your 1TB of online storage on Onedrive.

University WIFI

You can access the University student WIFI (UoN_Student) by using your University account username and secure password.

I have forgotten my password

If you forget your password you can reset it by visiting the User Portal and clicking on the Forgot password? link. You will be asked to answer 2 of your security questions and then prompted to set up a new secure password.

I have forgotten the answers to my security questions

If you forget the answers to your security questions you will need the IT Service Team help you to have temporary access to your account (this will enable you to set up a new secure password and you must also ensure that you reset the answers to your security questions so that you know them for the future).

The IT Service Desk Team are available face to face on the Student Information Desk (SID) in the Learning Hub, or on the telephone at 01604 893333.


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