Master’s Fees and Funding

Master’s Tuition Fees

It is important that you have funding in place before commencing your course. If you have not yet made arrangements for paying your tuition fees, or are still undecided, please see the available options below.

Master’s loan overview

Postgraduate master’s loans are available for eligible students who enrol onto a full (180 credit) master’s course. For further information visit the loan details below.

Payment arrangements for students with a master’s loan

Request Payment Plan for applicants with master’s loan funding – available on eligible courses only* (please visit our How to request Payment Plan section). Furthermore, please read the “Master’s Loans” section below.

Payment options for self-funding students*

  • Request a Payment Plan only for fees over £1000 and not available for single modules (please visit our How to request Payment Plan section)
  • Pay at least 50% of their annual fee prior to enrolment followed by another 50% on the date specified in the invoice. Example of intake dates and payment dates below:
    • September starters: 15 January
    • January starters: 15 April
    • April starters: 15 July
    • May/June starters: 15 August
  • Full payment
    • *Full-time master’s students (not distance learning or part-time) that are not in receipt of any additional scholarships or discounts and are paying their fees in full prior to enrolment can receive a £500 discount. Please refer to our “Discounts” section for more information.

Sponsor students

If you are a sponsored student, please visit our Sponsor section.

Making a payment:

If you do not require a payment plan:

Master’s funding

To prevent funding delays at the start of the year, we recommend students apply for funding before enrolling on their course. Students can apply for funding without a confirmed place at University using their preferred course choice. Applications can be amended or even cancelled before enrolling.

  • UK students enrolling on their first research or taught Master’s level course (leading to a full MA, MSc or MBA qualification) may be eligible for a Master’s Loan up to £12,167 (for students enrolling in 2023-24). The amount available is not based on a household income assessment.

    The Master’s Loan can be used towards tuition fees or living and course costs. Unlike undergraduate funding, there are no separate loans for tuition fees and living costs. As the loan may be insufficient to cover both your tuition fees and living costs, it is important that you have further funding available in addition to the loan, to ensure you can cover all your costs before starting your course.

    The master’s loan is paid directly into a student’s account in three instalments during the academic year. Students are not expected to repay their master’s loan until they have finished or left their course and once earning over £21,000 per year. Repayments will be 6% of any income over £21,000. Repayments will stop if the income drops below this amount, but interest may still accrue on the balance.

    The loan will be available to students across all discipline subject areas for all full-time, part-time* and distance learning* master’s programmes.

    *Part-time and Distance Learning courses must be completed within a maximum of two years and payments will be paid 50% in year 1 and 50% in year 2. There are some exceptions to this when studying part time and where no full time version of the course exists. In these circumstances some courses can be studied over 3 years, please refer to the course finder on the web to confirm the length of study available for your course choice. Further information and eligibility criteria for master’s loans can be found on the Gov website.

    For more information visit The Student Room website or Find a Master’s website.

  • There is a wide array of master’s level funding from charities and trusts.

    Further information may be available from local libraries or specialised careers libraries. Useful publications may include:

    • the Educational Grants Directory
    • the Charities Digest
    • the Grants Register
    • the Directory of Grant Making Trusts

    Turn 2 Us also provides further information about grants.

    Further information about master’s funding, including scholarships and bursaries, can be found on the Prospects careers website.

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