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Welcome and Arrival 2021

Welcome and Arrival – September 2021

Our main welcome and arrival takes place from Friday 24 September to Monday 27 September. It is the time when most (exceptions apply – please see early enrolling students section below) new home and international (undergraduate and postgraduate) students enrol at the University.

You will be invited to book an enrolment slot between 24 to 27 September as follows:

  • Halls Students will be invited to enrol and move into halls by our accommodation team. We will email you with information on how to book your enrolment and arrival slot through the accommodation portal
  • Non-Halls Students will be invited to enrol via email. You must book an enrolment slot via our Enrolment Booking Form (please note: the booking form opens 24 August)

Enrolment, Parking and Travel Arrangements

Our face to face enrolment sessions take place at our Waterside Campus. The below provides an overview of the enrolment, parking and travel arrangements from 24 September to 27 September:

Halls Students

  • Date: Friday 24 September to Monday 27 September
  • Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • Travel: If you are moving into Halls then you should park as follows:
    • Waterside Student Village – Car Park 4 from New South Bridge Road to enrol
    • St Johns – St Johns multi-storey and walk to Waterside to enrol and then back to St John’s to unload. Note: NBC parking rates apply
    • Scholars Green Student Village – Car Park 2 from Bedford to enrol before driving to Scholars Green Student Village to unload

Non-Halls Students Friday 24 September and Monday 27 September

  • Date: Friday 24 September and Monday 27 September
  • Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • Travel: Park and Ride, public transport and local car parks

Non-Halls Students Saturday 25 September and Sunday 26 September

  • Dates: Saturday 25 September or Sunday 26 September
  • Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • Travel: Car Park 2 from Bedford Road, Park and Ride*, public transport and local car parks

*Park and Ride on Saturday 25 September and Sunday 26 September operates on a different timetable. It will operate as follows:

  • Car Park Open – 8am
  • First Bus – 8.30am
  • Last Bus – 6pm
  • Car Park Close – 7pm
  • Frequency – every 30 minutes
  • 1 x stop at train station

We recommend that you attend the above dates to enrol however if you cannot attend those dates then please view our enrolment page to view the dates and times of other enrolment sessions which are taking place.

  • If you have a disability, medical condition, injury or other additional need that affects your mobility or ability to queue or manage crowded spaces, please contact ASSIST who can support you with the enrolment process, including alternative accessible routes. Please email prior to arrival to discuss your needs or approach a member of ASSIST staff for assistance on the day.

  • You are welcome to bring family and friends with you on the day which you arrive however family and friends will not be allowed into the enrolment areas in the Learning Hub. Your family and friends are welcome to visit other areas of the campus or visit one of the catering outlets which are open on campus.

  • West Northamptonshire Council will be on site for students who wish to sign up to the Electoral Register. Please visit their stand on site or speak to one of the staff.

  • Please visit the Creative Hub to collect Scholars Green parking permits and bus passes.

  • If you are moving into Waterside Student Village then you can drop into the Doctors Surgery, Delepre Walk over the main enrolment period to register with the GP.

  • Please do not bring luggage into the enrolment route. If you have arrived by car then please leave your luggage in your car. If you have arrived by public transport or been dropped off then please take your luggage to the Multi-Faith Centre, Delepre Walk before entering the enrolment route.

  • UK Students

    If you are unable to attend a Face-to-Face enrolment session because you are in quarantine or self-isolation, then you must not attend a face to face enrolment session until this period has ended. We would still like you to engage with your studies and welcome and induction sessions therefore please complete pre-enrolment (including uploading of photographic identification) and then email (please put ‘Remote Enrolment Request’ in the subject) to request that we process your enrolment remotely. Once you are able to attend the University (e.g. after your self-isolation has ended) then you must then attend a face-to-face enrolment session

    International Students

    Due to the ongoing difficulty with international travel we will be remote enrolling international students who complete pre-enrolment and have no outstanding blocking issues. Please read the emails which will be sent to you and the International Students Getting Started guide for full details on the enrolment process.

    Once you arrive in the UK (and have completed any self-isolation requirements) you will then need to attend an enrolment session.

  • If you are studying a programme which starts early then you need to attend the enrolment session which is designated for your programme. Please view the upcoming enrolments schedule which will have details of your enrolment session or read your invite to enrol email.

  • We will adhere to the government requirements which are required at the time. It is imperative that all students adhere to government guidance and university requirements should you be studying on campus, living in halls or attending campus:

    • Do not attend face-to-face enrolment sessions if you have symptoms, are self-isolating or are in quarantine. Please ensure that you complete the pre-enrolment process and contact to advise that you need to enrol remotely so that we can confirm your enrolment. Please only attend a face-to-face session once your isolation/quarantine has finished
    • If you are due to move into halls and have symptoms and/or are self-isolating then please contact the Accommodation Team to discuss your arrival options
    • Do not attend face-to-face teaching sessions if you have symptoms, are self-isolating or are in quarantine. Please contact your programme leader to discuss how you can engage with your studies during this time
    • If you have moved into halls and have symptoms and/or are self-isolating then please contact the Residential Life team to discuss how we can support you during this period
    • If you have symptoms, are self-isolating or are in quarantine then please do not attend campus (e.g. to attend the library, use facilities) until your isolation/quarantine has finished.
  • Please contact the following teams if you have any queries about arrival and enrolment then call 0300 303 2772 or email the teams below:

Our Campus