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Policing and Criminology

If you are interested in entering the police force, preparing for a non-operational role or even considering positions in the military or security services then BA Professional Policing may be the course for you.

We have extremely close professional links with Northamptonshire Police and this means that you are exposed to a wide range of guest speakers from detectives to child protection officers. The course offers the opportunity to join the Special Constabulary or volunteer with Northamptonshire Police and for successful applicants, a bespoke fast track application for Northamptonshire Police.

We offer single and joint honours awards in Criminology. Studying Criminology draws upon the disciplines of sociology, psychology, history and law.

Criminology tackles questions such as what is crime? How are laws enforced? Why is crime concentrated in particular areas? How do you judge and evaluate evidence? How can crime be prevented?

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