Fees, Funding, and Finance

Fees, Funding, and Finance

Funding your Study

Money can be a concern for prospective students but there is help to be had. We have a range of bursaries, scholarships and awards, and you may be eligible to receive statutory funding towards your tuition fees and living costs from the Government (including Student Finance loans, disabled students allowance and childcare support).

Please note that your eligibility to receive funding will depend on meeting certain assessment criteria which may include your new course, residency status, household income, and any previous higher education study you have done (whether in the UK or overseas).

In addition, students may be eligible to receive either a discount or an exemption from paying council tax and assistance with healthcare costs.

Tuition fees

Our courses require you to pay tuition fees, either using a tuition fee loan or funded by your employer or paid directly by yourself. We’ve broken down our fees so you can see how much you’ll be required to pay.

For more information about fee payments and tuition charges please visit our Finances page or download our Tuition Fees Policy.

Financial Guidance

The Financial Guidance team are available to help if you have any queries about the type of funding that may be available to you, having difficulty managing your money, or have any financial concerns.

The team also assess students for additional funds which may be available from the University. These include the Financial Assistance Fund/ EU Hardship Fund, which may provide discretionary financial assistance to UK/ EU students to help them access and remain in higher education as well as alleviating unexpected financial hardship (eligibility criteria apply). Awards from the Funds are made according to assessed need and can vary between £100 and £4,500. They do not usually have to be repaid.

Support may also be available through the Fund to students who are applying for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) and require an educational psychologist’s report, and/or have to pay the first £200 towards the cost of DSA-recommended computer equipment themselves (eligibility criteria apply).

In addition, there is also support for students leaving care or from a Foyer from the Care leaver/Foyer award, and the Carers Award may be available to students who are responsible for the care of a relative on a full-time basis due to a disability, chronic/terminal illness, mental health problems or similar (eligibility criteria apply).

Please be aware that this additional funding is not a guaranteed source of income.

For further details, please contact the Financial Guidance team at money@northampton.ac.uk.

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Our Financial Guidance team can help you get your finances in order so you can focus on your studies

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