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Things you hadn’t considered.

  • Need an academic skills refresher?

    Learning Development is a team of academic skills tutors who can support you on a 1-2-1 basis with your academic and study skills. They also have the Skills Hub which includes guides and videos about academic skills. The academic librarians will also be able to support you in finding resources for your assignments and assessments. They also offer a 1-2-1 tutorial service and have lots of resources on the Skills Hub.

  • Our Care Leavers and Estranged Students Hub is your starting point to discover how we will support you through your time studying with us at the University of Northampton.

  • What will Changemaker mean for me?

    Changemaker gives you the opportunity to explore doing the right things, in the right way, with the right people for the right reasons. Whilst at UON you will have the opportunity to explore social innovation, build community connections, develop valuable skills and attributes and gain recognition for your achievements. Our annual Changemaker Awards showcases and celebrates Changemaking in our University and local community.

    Take a closer look at how Hugh Dennis showcased the night for us in 2020:

  • Opportunities to earn money while you study

    As a student at UON you have access to our in-house recruitment agency Unitemps, providing you with flexible working hours to fit around your studies, offering you a wide range of part-time and full-time opportunities both on campus and with local businesses.

    Find out more about employability.

  • We have signed up to The Standalone Pledge to support you overcome some of the challenges and concerns you might have right now. Our Care Leavers and Estranged Student Hub will signpost you to all the services that will support you reach your potential with us.

  • Want to find out more once you’ve applied to us?

    You will be invited to attend one of our Applicant Visit Days after you have made an application to us. These events, which we call Discovery Days, usually take place on weekends between February and April and are perfect for getting more detail on  your course and our campus. If you intend to move into halls when you start university with us then make sure you visit our example bedroom. A full view of all of our accommodation types can be found on our accommodation pages. All of our support teams including Financial Guidance and the Employability Team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

  • Understanding the IT Process

    IT plays an integral part in providing all the services we offer at The University of Northampton. We aim to help the whole University get the most out of IT. We have outlined the process and when you will get access to resources.

    Have a look at “Access to Resources” at the bottom of our IT Services page.

  • What is the promise and why do we offer it?

    The Northampton Employment Promise is our commitment to you that if you haven’t found full time employment 12 months after graduating, you will be provided with a short-term paid internship or supported into further study. Our employment offer is in place to give you the best chance of finding graduate employment, but we accept life doesn’t always go to plan and our promise is here to provide an extra level of support.

  • If you applied by the January deadline you will get your decisions back from all your university choices by mid-May (if you applied after the January deadline and before the 30 June you will hear by mid-July).

    Once you have received all your decisions you will have until the June deadline (July if you applied later) to make your choice. You should review all the offers and conditions that you have received. Think about where you want to study and what the course involves. If you haven’t already, attend an open day or take a virtual tour of the campus.

    Once you have made up your mind you can select your firm acceptance (this should be your first choice) and insurance acceptance (your back-up) in UCAS Track.  You’ll only need your insurance choice course if you don’t meet the conditions of your firm choice, but you do meet the conditions of your insurance. You can’t choose between your firm and insurance when you get your results, so make sure you’re happy with your choices.

    If you don’t receive any offers, please don’t worry you might be able to add extra choices or look at other options in clearing.

  • Help you can get now you have decided to return to study.

    • Childcare grant’s available for parent students with children under 15 years old or children under 17 years old with special need.
    • Parent’s Learning Allowance is help with learning costs if you are a fulltime student with children.
    • We also have UNESCO nursing facilities available to carers with babies on campus to support your return to study
  • What does the SU provide during my time at University?

    The Students’ Union has a variety of sports clubs and societies to choose from. Even if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, you can start your own! We also provide academic representation. Our four democratically-elected Sabbatical Officers, supported by a number of voluntary Part-Time Officers, help to ensure that the Students’ Union reflects what you want from it. We offer support and advice when you need your voice to be heard, have queries about your course or just feel a bit homesick. The Students’ Union is always here for you.

  • Understanding your timetable

    Understanding your timetable is important and helps prevent you being late to lectures and tutorials, so make sure you understand it and keep it somewhere easy to check! This resource will help you understand how your timetable works and what the abbreviations are as well.

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