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Understanding your University offer

What your offer means at UON

Every person that applies for a place to study at the University of Northampton is different. Whether it be qualifications, work experience or their own life story, every applicant is an individual and our offer making process reflects this.

We consider each application on its own merit and receiving an offer to study with us is clear indication that we would very much welcome the applicant as a student on the course they have applied for.

The most common offer we make is a Conditional Offer. However, applicants may also receive one of the following depending on a number of criteria including the course they have applied for, whether they attended an interview, completed a practical activity and their predicated grades:

If you have received a contextual conditional offer from us

If you receive a contextual conditional offer from us, you will see the entry requirements for your conditional offer are slightly lower than our standard offer.

We understand the context in which you study can have an impact on your academic grades, achievement and your ability to take up extra-curricular activities. A contextual offer allows us to take this into account when assessing your application.

You may be eligible for a contextual conditional offer if you meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • You are in care or have caring or parental responsibilities
  • You are from a military family or served in the UK Armed Forces
  • You live in an area of disadvantage or with low progression into Higher Education
  • You received free school meals during your secondary school education
  • You are an estranged student
  • You have declared a disability
  • Your programme has a Level 3 subject requirement

If you have received an unconditional offer from us

We have given you an unconditional offer as you have been able to demonstrate a strong academic achievement and great motivation to succeed, evidenced by your UCAS application, personal statement, predicted grades and/or interview, audition, task, portfolio assessed by the programme team. The unconditional offer is a commitment from us to support you in achieving your full potential and we feel that you will make a great contribution to our University.

If you accept your offer on this programme, your place will not be affected by your final grades. However, the qualifications which you are currently studying are still very important and the skills and experience which you gain during your studies are very beneficial for your transition into university, therefore you need to continue to attend, work hard and strive to achieve the best results possible. Lastly, although your final grades will not affect your place on this programme with us, they might impact on future opportunities whilst you are at University (e.g. changing your programme) and also during your career such as when seeking employment or by other organisations (e.g. work experience, placements) therefore you should continue to work to the best of your ability.

If you decline our offer or if you ask to be released from your offer at a later date, then any future decision made by us will be made based on the information available at the current time. For instance, if you have received your results, our decision will be based on your actual results rather than predicted grades.

There may be other non-academic conditions you need to meet, for example getting a DBS check or providing proof of your qualifications. If you are unsure of these conditions, please check the webpage for your course or contact admissions@northampton.ac.uk.

If you have received an offer with a guaranteed integrated foundation programme

We are also guaranteeing you a place on the most suitable four-year integrated foundation programme should you not achieve the Level 3 or GCSE grades required for admission on to the three-year programme.

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