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You are advised to check your timetable daily for the first few weeks as it can be subject to change. To find out where and when activities are being held visit Student timetables (30 September 2019 to 27 September 2020) and select your individual timetable using your Student ID number. MA and MSc students do not have Individual Timetables. Students taking one of these courses should select the ‘Postgraduate and professional’ option on the 2018-19 page and then the course and/or modules you are enrolling on.

Reading your timetable

Activities on your timetable will show the following information:

  • Activity Code – This is made up of the code for the module to which the activity belongs followed by a letter to describe the type of activity (L for lecture, S for seminar, P for practical, W for workshop, V for virtual) and finally a number if the activity runs as several groups. For example Activity Code ABC1002S/03 would be module ABC1002, seminar group 3
  • Activity Weeks – The string of numbers indicates in which Academic Weeks the activity takes place. So ‘1-11, 15’ would be weeks 1 to 11 and also week 15. See ‘Academic Weeks 2018-19’ in downloads.
  • Location Code – The location has a two letter prefix to identify the building and then the room number. Please note that rooms at Waterside only have the room number on the door. SN201 would therefore be room 201 in the Senate Building.

Key to Building Prefixes


Prefix Building Campus
CH Creative Hub Waterside
IC Innovation Centre Off Campus
LC International Leather Centre Waterside
LH Learning Hub Waterside
MP/MR/MY Maidwell Building St George’s Avenue
NW Newton Building St George’s Avenue
SN Senate Building Waterside
SZ Sports Zone Waterside
WG Walgrave St George’s Avenue



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  • Full range of integrated learning environments.
  • 24/7 library and learning zone.
  • Low environmental impact.

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