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Criminology and Policing

We offer a range of programmes in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies disciplines.

Our Professional Policing course is catered to those who are interested in entering the police force, but also those who are preparing for a non-operational role or even considering positions in the military or secret services. We welcome all who are keen to enter the policing profession.

The degree in Criminal and Corporate Investigation is designed for those who are keen to explore their interests in investigation. Our course will allow you to cultivate industry-standard skills and gain invaluable experience, equipping you to conduct professional investigations at the highest standards across commercial, public, or criminal justice settings.

Both of our Criminal Justice degrees are available for Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning, which would allow professionals with relevant experience the chance to fast-track their degree.

Our two undergraduate Criminology degrees draw on a variety of disciplines and practices.

The Criminology degree caters to those intrigued by crime and the criminal justice system. This course will delve into both theoretical frameworks and practical approaches to understanding crime.

Criminology with Psychology allows students to combine the two disciplines and offers a different approach to understanding human behaviour and crime. This course has a focus on criminal behaviour, law enforcement and crime prevention and will develop your analytical skills.

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Criminology, Law, and Policing Student Stories

Ben Clough

Criminal and Corporate Investigation

Holly Campbell

Professional Policing

Lara Falkner

Professional Policing

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Criminology with Law Combined Honours


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