Cost of Living

Cost of Living support

We know that for many people the rising cost of living will be of great concern. We want to reassure you that we have identified our services and support available at UON and are working to enhance our services further so that we can support you, if you need it during your time studying at UON.

We appreciate that depending on your personal circumstances, whether you choose to live in University-owned Halls, private-sector accommodation or live at home and commute in to study at UON, you may have very different areas of concern and so have outlined some of the support we have available in our webpages below.

Once you enrol with us at UON, you will be given access to the Student Hub, where you can find more specific information and discount codes for exclusive deals to UON students on our Cost of Living Support Hub (Student Hub – user name and password required) that will help you in various areas of student life depending on your needs and individual circumstances. New initiatives and student support is shared with students through our Weekly Student Newsletter, social media channels and promotion on campus through our digital screens, etc.

If you are applying to UON and have any questions about the support available, please email and we will be happy to help.

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  • Catering and retail on campus

    Catering in our outlets on campus is subsidised for students, meaning that our students benefit from good food at the lowest possible prices. You can find more information about our Catering outlets on campus and their accreditations on the Retail and Catering pages.

    As part of the Northampton Bursary, eligible students can opt from their second year to receive credit in our catering outlets on campus as part of their additional support. Please note this support begins in the second year of study for eligible students due to full-time home students receiving our benefits package when they begin their studies at UON.

    Every Friday afternoon our on-campus Catering outlets offer a £1 menu and share any excess food that’s available on the Too Good To Go app. We also provide free breakfast cereal in The Market every day for those who need it.

    All students and staff receive a 10% discount when buying items from the catering outlets on campus, and you can also get an additional 20 pence discount when buying hot drinks and using your own reusable mug. The Market is offering students who eat in a discount on their purchases, to help them to become more sustainable.

    We know that many of you like to bring in food from home to heat and eat and so we have also increased the number of microwaves available to use on campus, in locations near to The Ground and The Market, amongst others.

    Pop-up Pantry on campus

    In December 2023, we launched our first Pop-up Pantry on campus for students in need, we had over 270 items donated to the pantry, including donations from local charities.

    The Pop-up Pantry will be open again each week from Tuesday 9 January from 1pm to 4pm; from February, it will be available on a pop-up monthly basis, with student support teams having access outside these events should students need it.

  • Free Sanitary products on campus

    As part of the University’s efforts to help with the rising cost of living, we have begun our roll-out of free sanitary products on campus for students, staff and visitors to benefit from.

    Free sanitary product dispensers have now been installed in the female toilets at Waterside Campus. Free sanitary products will also still be available in each of the Everyone toilets on campus, and at the Development Hub and Innovation Centre, as part of our efforts to tackle the barriers period poverty may present to our students and their learning.

    We have partnered with sustainable sanitary product providers Grace and Green to include free products for our community that also fit with our sustainability commitments and pledge as a university.

    Support within University Halls of Residence

    Students who are living on campus can also access free hygiene products, as well as non-perishable food items, in their Halls of Residences through our Help Yourself Shelves. If you would like to find out more about this relating to a particular Hall/building, please contact our Residential Life Team or visit the Student Village Reception at Waterside Campus.

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