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Halls of Residence

Halls of Residence

The University of Northampton has over 2,250 bed spaces in our three university-owned Halls of Residence sites: on Waterside campus, in the town centre (St. John’s Halls), and Scholars Green Student Village.

Each hall of residence offers a variety of affordable, comfortable and secure room options to suit all budgets and needs, including standard single and twin rooms, en-suite rooms, town house rooms, and studio flats. All rooms are fully-furnished, and come with network access and WiFi, access to halls facilities and university accommodation services, 24-hour security and a dedicated support team. For further details about what life in student halls entails, visit our Living in Halls page.

See our How to apply for Halls to find out more, as well as our Preparing for Halls FAQs.

Waterside Halls

Accommodation on campus

St. Johns Halls

Town centre accommodation

Scholars Green Student Village

Off-campus accommodation

Specific room types

  • The University offers a variety of room types and you also have the option to pick a flat with a particular attribute if you want to.

    The flats with attributes associated with them may have slightly different conditions for residency than the default room attributes. For example an ‘Alcohol Free’ flat has a strict no alcohol consumed in residence policy, but flats without this attribute do not have this condition.

    When you make your application on the portal you will have the option to pick attributes that you would prefer whilst living in halls.

    Find information about the additional specific room types you can select below.

  • For students interested in residing in a calmer setting, the quiet accommodation option is available for consideration. Should one decide to choose this option, it is important to note that noise should be kept to a minimum after 10 pm. This means no music, parties, or guests past this time.

    In instances where flatmates fail to adhere to these regulations, residents have the option to contact the Security staff 24/7 for assistance. If any student persists in violating the rules within these accommodations, the university team may explore the possibility of relocating them to alternative accommodation.

  • The university offers alcohol-free accommodation for those who prefer a living environment without alcohol. Residents are reminded that no alcohol is allowed in the accommodation, including bedrooms and shared spaces. Visitors under the influence of alcohol are kindly discouraged from entering the building. The university aims to provide a comfortable and safe home in its alcohol-free accommodation.

  • Prospective residents seeking single-sex accommodation for personal or cultural reasons should note that visitors of the opposite sex are not allowed. To ensure safety, University staff from the opposite gender may occasionally enter the accommodation. The priority is to create a secure and supportive environment, emphasizing residents’ comfort.

  • For students age 25 or older, a mature room type is available in specific buildings, facilitating cohabitation with other mature students. Despite the presence of students of varying ages in the accommodation building, a dedicated mature flat group can be arranged for eligible individuals. This alternative is designed to enhance the overall accommodation experience for mature students.

  • The University provides LGBTQ+ accommodation, offering a living arrangement with individuals who share similar life experiences and identify as part of the same community.

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