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International Relations and Politics2669<p>​<span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">International Relations and Politics at the University of Northampton provides an exciting and varied ​curriculum through which students develop a critical understanding of contemporary issues in international relations and politics and their impact on lives at local, national and global levels. &#160;If you have a keen interest in current affairs and international developments, then the International Relations and Politics course at Northampton is ideal for you. You will be exploring contemporary issues and debates in the politics of the UK and other nations, as well as the key developments in international relations. &#160;</span></p><p>A special feature of the course is the research placement at Year 2 which provides the opportunity to undertake an international placement or a placement in the UK, including an internship at the House of Commons.&#160; A one-week international field trip is also included in the course.&#160;&#160;<br></p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify"><iframe width="100%" height="auto" src="http&#58;//" frameborder="0"></iframe>&#160;</div><p>​​​​</p><p><span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">This course reflects the fact that politics in the 21st Century takes place in a global context and impacts on the everyday lives of people in all parts of the world.&#160;&#160;</span><span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">It examines some of the critical issues of today's world, such as threats to global security, the changing nature of international co-operation and conflict, the character of democratic and non-democratic regimes, the rise of new forms of direct action in global settings, the international politics of the environment and the challenges posed by persistent world problems such as poverty and</span><span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">&#160;&#160;</span><span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">social inequality, There has never been a more exciting time to study international relations and politics, and this course will help you develop a greater awareness of the social and political processes that shape the contemporary world.</span></p><p>This awareness provides an excellent basis for careers in a wide range of fields in the public, private and third sectors, including international careers; for example in the field of international development.&#160; More generally the course will help you to develop the transferrable skills of understanding and analysis, creative thinking and flexibility which employers increasingly demand.&#160;</p>BA (Hons)5L9LUndergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Nursing3114​<img src="http&#58;//" alt="Female student graduates" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;100%;height&#58;auto;" /> <div>MSc Nursing builds on the existing knowledge and experience&#160;of graduate nurses to develop the confidence and competence required for advanced&#160;roles within nursing.&#160;</div><div> <br> </div><div>This award facilitates the development of higher level skills in four key areas&#58; Nursing; Research; Teaching; Leadership and Management to provide a comprehensive and stimulating programme that reflects the needs of nurses studying at higher levels. The programme is supported by opportunities for stude​nts to undertake practical work related activities relevant to their particular areas of interest to enhance career development and employability.​</div><div> <br> </div>MScPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Counselling3421 <p>​This course is an exciting development that will provide students with a level of knowledge and skills in counselling which will equip them to develop as counsellors, and once they have gained further experience and client hours will open up a range of professional opportunities. For students with a first degree in psychology (which is Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) accredited) further postgraduate training opportunities will include doctoral training on British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited courses in Counselling Psychology.&#160;</p><p>The course will also provide students with a range of skills that will be highly relevant to those wishing to undertake further training in a range of related careers and specialisms. In addition to careers options, the degree will provide a range of communication skills and personal development skills that will be highly valued in a range of organisations and situations. Most of all, this course enables students to feel that they belong to a process of development that enriches them as human beings. A passion develops throughout for a subject that enables not only personal growth but interest in all the knowledge that will be embedded throughout study.</p> <p>The course consists of examining differing counselling theories and presenting issues. It also concentrates on skills work and therapeutic competencies in organisational settings. Importantly, the course offers the opportunity to maximise self-awareness and reflect on self-process and that of others. The placement allows students to take their competencies to organisations to work with clients.&#160;</p><p>Throughout, students will be encouraged to develop a critical, evaluative approach to the knowledge which underpins present-day professional practice and will develop skills in critical reflective thought and the ability to make evidenced based decisions. Current issues within counselling and therapy will be considered critically with particular emphasis on their relationship to client practice. </p>MScPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Fine Art3847<p>&#160;<img src="http&#58;//" alt="" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;100%;height&#58;auto;" /></p><p>The programme offers the chance to explore contemporary approaches to fine art across a range of disciplines in a lively and intellectually challenging atmosphere supported by superb quality, easily accessible resource areas in printmaking, painting, photography/digital arts/video and sculpture. In addition to developing visual language skills and confidence with media, learning is also informed by historical and contemporary references, cultural and social contexts, and the requirements of professional practice on graduation. Students are supported throughout the programme to engage in live projects, competitions and exhibitions.​</p><p>​<a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank"><img alt="Fine Art BA (Hons)" src="http&#58;//" style="margin&#58;5px;" /></a><br></p><p>​​To view a gallery of our students' work please​ <a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">visit our flickr website</a>.<br></p><p>Please see below the 2014 Subject Futures Week video, which highlights just some of the creative industry guests who attended to share knowledge and insights with students about the reality of working and life after University.</p><p></p> <iframe width="100%" height="315" src="http&#58;//" frameborder="0"></iframe> <br> <p></p><p>Please also see the <a href="http&#58;//">2013 Subject Futures Week video​</a>, with many more exciting guests from across the creative industries.</p><p> <img src="http&#58;//" alt="Ranked 2nd student satisfaction Times &amp; Sunday Times" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;210px;" />&#160;<img src="http&#58;//" alt="Ranked 2nd student satisfaction Art &amp; Design Complete Uni Guide" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;209px;" /><br></p>BA (Hons)W100Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Photography3836<p>​​<img alt="Photography image Duracell batteries" src="http&#58;//" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;493px;" /></p><p>This programme is largely skills and practice based and encourages the exploration&#160;<span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">​of the photograph within a range&#160;</span><span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">of contemporary practices and contexts, for example, from commercial to art based photography. The study of photography will also extend to a critical understanding of the subject and allow students the scope for professional and creative development.</span></p><div><p>Learning is informed by historical and current references, cultural and social contexts, and the requirements of a range of professional practice on graduation. Throughout the course students are supported to engage in live projects, competition and exhibitions.</p><p> <span style="font-family&#58;'segoe ui', segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size&#58;13px;"> <a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank"> <img alt="Photography BA (Hons)" src="http&#58;//" style="margin&#58;5px;" />​</a><br>To view a gallery of our students' work please <a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">visit our flickr website</a>.</span></p><p> <span style="font-family&#58;'segoe ui', segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size&#58;13px;"> <span style="text-align&#58;left;color&#58;#333333;text-transform&#58;none;line-height&#58;20px;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-style&#58;normal;font-variant&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;normal;word-spacing&#58;0px;float&#58;none;white-space&#58;normal;font-stretch&#58;normal;display&#58;inline !important;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Please see below the 2014 Subject Futures Week video, which highlights just some of the creative industry guests who attended to share knowledge and insights with students about the reality of working and life after University.</span></span></p><div> <iframe width="90%" height="315" src="http&#58;//" frameborder="0"></iframe> &#160;</div><div>Please also see the <a href="http&#58;//">2013 Subject Futures Week video,​</a>&#160;with many more exciting&#160;guests from across the creative industries.&#160;&#160; </div></div><div> <img src="http&#58;//" alt="Top 10 Dance, Drama &amp; Cinematics" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;224px;" />&#160;&#160;​<img src="http&#58;//" alt="Ranked 2nd student satisfaction Complete Uni Guide" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;224px;" /><br></div>BA (Hons)W640Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Dental Nursing2583 <p>The Dental Nursing programme provides students with a wide range of academic skills and work related competencies to use on completion of the Award registration with the General Dental Council. Students benefit from the excellent facilities at the University of Northampton, which includes an on campus, purpose built dental surgery for vocational practice.</p> <p>The programme links theory to practice, supported through underpinning knowledge, work based clinical skills, and placement options each year.</p> FdScB750Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
English 2672<p>This is a diverse and academically rigorous programme, providing a thorough knowledge of English Literature from Early and Middle English to the present day, whilst allowing students to pursue their interests through a range of option modules. All English lecturers at the University of Northampton are&#160;active, publishing researchers in their specialist fields, offering expert teaching in subjects ranging from Shakespeare and Victorian literature to contemporary writing.​</p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify" unselectable="on"> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http&#58;//" frameborder="0"></iframe>&#160;</div><p></p><p>Please see below the 2014 Subject Futures Week video, which highlights just some of the creative industry guests who attended to share knowledge and insights with students about the reality of working and life after University.​</p><p></p> <iframe width="90%" height="315" src="http&#58;//" frameborder="0"></iframe> <br> <p></p><p></p><div>Please also see the&#160;<a href="http&#58;//">2013 Subject Futures Week video,</a>&#160;with many more exciting guests from across the creative industries.<br> <p></p></div><div> <br> </div><div>​&#160;<img src="http&#58;//" alt="Top 5 English" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;214px;" />&#160;<img src="http&#58;//" alt="98% student satisfaction" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;214px;" /></div><div>&#160;<img src="http&#58;//" alt="97% student satisfaction for teaching on English course" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;214px;" />&#160;&#160;<img src="http&#58;//" alt="93% student satisfaction academic support in English" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;214px;" />&#160;​</div><p> <br> </p>BA (Hons)Q300Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Master of Business Administration - MBA Plus (distance learning)3428<p>The Northampton Business School MBA Plus is an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification in management. This programme combines excellent generalist management teaching and learning with highly valuable additional recognition, qualifications and activities. </p><p>This qualification is also offered as a <a title="Full-Time MBA" href="http&#58;//">full time</a> or <a title="Part-Time MBA" href="http&#58;//">part time</a> programme. </p><p> &#160;</p>MBAPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
IT Service Management3801<p>The global IT Service Management related bodies, such as itSMF and the SFIA Council, recognises the need for quality and standards in the provision of IT Services underpinning IT Service Management and the quality and skills of staff employed in this profession. This course addresses the need to understand the responsibilities, components and opportunities for IT Service Management, in an area of expanding job opportunities due to skill shortages in the modern world of business in a global service economy.​</p><p>&#160;</p>Postgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Marketing (top-up)3820<p>The MA is designed for Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) graduates and aims to provide a means by which the continuing professional and personal needs of marketing practitioners may be met.</p>MAPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse

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