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Youth and Community Work3338 <p>The Youth and Community Work Masters Degree has been designed to offer a distinctive, professionally recognised qualification that reflects the changing landscape of work with young people.</p><p><span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">Practitioners holding the JNC professional qualification can top up their careers by applying for APEL for the below modules and completing a 60 credit Work Based Synthesis to achieve a full Masters. Talk to us for more information.</span></p> MAPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Postgraduate Certificate in Primary English1787<p>​<span style="line-height&#58;1.6;">The Postgraduate Certificate in Primary English is an innovative and flexible course that caters to the needs of teachers in primary schools and to the development needs of the schools that they work in.</span></p><p>The programme comprises of two modules that must be studied successively. The first module builds excellence in individual practice as a primary teacher of English. The second module builds the skills needed to lead and develop the subject across the whole school. A key element of the modules is the provision for 'shared enquiry', enabling participants to engage with other professional colleagues and researchers in developing critical approaches and strategies for teaching English in a primary context.<br></p><p>This course is subject to validation.</p>PGCertPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Computing2897<p>&#160;</p><div class="snippet"><iframe width="300" height="169" align="right" src="http&#58;//" frameborder="0"></iframe></div><p><span style="color&#58;#000000;font-family&#58;arial;font-size&#58;12px;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">This postgraduate qualification allows you to study computing in greater depth, as well as developing your research and analytical skills -&#160;whilst undertaking your own individual thesis project investigating an area of particular interest. You will be able to utilise our state of the art facilities ensuring you are exposed to cutting edge technology and are able to pursue your specialist interests.</span>​</p>MScPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Fine Art3847<p>&#160;<img src="http&#58;//" alt="" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;100%;height&#58;auto;" /></p><p>The programme offers the chance to explore contemporary approaches to fine art across a range of disciplines in a lively and intellectually challenging atmosphere supported by superb quality, easily accessible resource areas in printmaking, painting, photography/digital arts/video and sculpture. In addition to developing visual language skills and confidence with media, learning is also informed by historical and contemporary references, cultural and social contexts, and the requirements of professional practice on graduation. Students are supported throughout the programme to engage in live projects, competitions and exhibitions.​</p><p>​<a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank"><img alt="Fine Art BA (Hons)" src="http&#58;//" style="margin&#58;5px;" /></a><br></p><p>​​To view a gallery of our students' work please​ <a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">visit our flickr website</a>.<br></p>BA (Hons)W100Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
History2247<p>This postgraduate course is designed for students who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of history across a range of periods, regions and theoretical perspectives.</p>MAPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Master of Business Administration - MBA Plus (part-time)2551<p>The Northampton Business School MBA Plus is an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification in management. The programme combines excellent generalist management teaching and learning with highly valuable additional recognition, qualification and activities. </p><p>This qualification is also offered as a <a title="Full-Time MBA" href="http&#58;//">full time</a> and <a title="Distance Learning MBA" href="http&#58;//">distance learning</a> programme. </p>MBAPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Education Part-time1778The MA in Education part time is an innovative and flexible course that caters to the needs of professionals working in the field of education. There are various pathways through it and it can therefore be closely tailored to your own professional development. The MA is built towards on a modular basis enabling you to build it around your personal and professional life.<br><br>The MA comprises of modules that can be studied one by one. The key element of many modules is the provision for 'shared enquiry', enabling participants to engage with other professional colleagues and researchers in developing critical approaches to enquiry within practical education (and education-related) contexts.<br><br>There are various pathways through this MA. However the final module taken by all students is a research thesis, via which you will have the opportunity to research and write about an area of practice, relevant to you, in great depth.<br>MAPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Counselling3421 <p>​This course is an exciting development that will provide students with a level of knowledge and skills in counselling which will equip them to develop as counsellors, and once they have gained further experience and client hours will open up a range of professional opportunities. For students with a first degree in psychology (which is Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) accredited) further postgraduate training opportunities will include doctoral training on British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited courses in Counselling Psychology. The course will also provide students with a range of skills that will be highly relevant to those wishing to undertake further training in a range of related careers and specialisms. In addition to careers options, the degree will provide a range of communication skills and personal development skills that will be highly valued in a range of organisations and situations. Most of all, this course enables students to feel that they belong to a process of development that enriches them as human beings. A passion develops throughout for a subject that enables not only personal growth but interest in all the knowledge that will be embedded throughout study.</p> <p>The course consists of examining differing counselling theories and practice specialisms. It also concentrates on skills work and therapeutic competencies in organisational settings. Importantly, the course offers the opportunity to maximise self-awareness and reflect on self-process and that of others. The placement allows students to take their competencies to organisations to work with clients. Throughout, students will be encouraged to develop a critical, evaluative approach to the knowledge which underpins present-day professional practice and will develop skills in critical reflective thought and the ability to make evidenced based decisions. Current issues within counselling and therapy will be considered critically with particular emphasis on their relationship to client practice. </p>MScPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Child and Adolescent Mental Health 1073<p>This multi-disciplinary course aims to promote an advanced level of knowledge and understanding in the area of child and adolescent mental health. It is designed for practitioners from health, social or voluntary services who work in some capacity with children and young people with mental health problems at first or second tiers of service provision.</p><p>Graduates of psychology and other cognate disciplines, social and behavioural sciences, education and related fields would also benefit from this programme. Some voluntary or professional experience of work with children and adolescents is desirable, but not essential.</p>MScPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Postgraduate Certificate Primary Maths1783<p>​The University of Northampton is passionate about transforming children’s lives and inspiring change. Our Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Mathematics Specialist programme has the ambitious target of ensuring that every school in our region has access to a teacher trained at Masters level.<br></p><p>The programme is a two-year Masters level course through which participating teachers extend their knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematics and related pedagogy, and develop the skills to support other colleagues in mathematics. The University of Northampton has been successfully leading the programme across a wide range of local authorities since 2009, with over 640 successful graduates.<br></p>PGCertPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse

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