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Photography3838<p>The HND Photography programme offers opportunities to study photography within a broad range of vocational and academic contexts, and on completion of study students may progress to the third year of the BA (Hons) Photographic Practice course within the School of The Arts, at the University of Northampton. Practical learning is underpinned by contextual and historical study. Students will also acquire a range of technical and practical photography skills, as well as knowledge in relation to reading images and idea development.</p> <p>Delivered in partnership with <a href="http&#58;//">Northampton College</a>. <br></p> <p><a href="http&#58;//"><img height="48" class="float_left" alt="Northampton College logo " src="/images/Northampton_College_Logo170.jpg" /></a>&#160;</p>HND056WUndergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Learning and Teaching 824<p>The Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching (FDLT) is designed for support staff who are currently working in schools and who wish to gain a recognised qualification specific to their role. </p><p>The course is relevant to a diversity of roles for example teaching assistants, unqualified teachers, cover supervisors, learning mentors, HLTAs, learning support assistants. Our Education programmes are rated 10th out of 73 Higher Education Institutions in the latest national Guardian League Table for Education for 2014. <iframe width="300" height="169" align="right" src="http&#58;//" frameborder="0"></iframe></p><p>The course aims to broaden and deepen teaching assistants' understanding of children's learning and to develop their ability to support teachers in raising pupil achievement. Participants are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of their work by analysing it in the context of relevant principles and research. The course also provides support for developing and extending the skills, knowledge and understanding relating to the higher level teaching assistant's (HLTA) professional standards. The course has been designed to be equivalent in higher education (HE) level and duration to that normally associated with the first two stages of a full time undergraduate Honours degree course.</p><div class="snippet"> &#160;</div>FdAUndergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Health Studies (Joint Honours)2209<p>The programme adopts an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of health, illness and disease in modern Western and developing societies. The programme draws on the areas of sociology, psychology, social policy and ethics. Recent graduate employers include Age UK, MIND, and Adult Social Services.</p>BA/BSc (Hons)Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
English (Contemporary Literature)2241<p>The English (Contemporary Literature) MA covers predominantly post-1900 literature and visual media in English from diverse sources including the UK, Ireland, USA, the Indian subcontinent, Australia and New Zealand. Students have the chance to study a range of contemporary texts including novels, films, poetry and short stories in the context of contemporary literary theory.</p><p>The programme's core modules cover critical theories and methodologies, research methods and advanced study skills, and key aspects of contemporary British writing. In addition, modules are offered in the following areas&#58; post-colonial literature,&#160;gender and writing,&#160;literary and cinematic pulp fictions,&#160;literary modernism in Britain,&#160;trauma fiction,&#160;and utopian and dystopian literature (from the early modern period to the present day).</p>MAPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Environmental Science2304<div class="snippet"><iframe width="300" height="169" align="right" src="http&#58;//" frameborder="0"></iframe><p>People who are interested in environmental science and recognise its relevance to society at local, national and global levels are invited to apply for this multidisciplinary programme. Environmental science is a global issue, receiving more attention now than ever before and is going to increase in importance in the future. In this course you will learn about the wide reaching influences affecting the environment and the role that individuals and governments will have to play in the future, as well as the contribution that you may be able to make to approaching advances.</p><p>This programme initially covers a broad variety of topics covering a range of environmental aspects including biodiversity, ecology, physical geography principles and the subject of wastes as an environmental issue. You are then able to specialise in Stage two, consequently you do not need to know what area of environmental science that you would like to study before you arrive. The course offers various opportunities for fieldwork throughout and may include a residential trip in Stage two. You are able to choose modules that allow you to undertake more or less fieldwork depending on your preferences.&#160;&#160;<br></p></div><p>This programme is accredited by <a href="http&#58;//">The Institute of Environmental Sciences</a>.</p><p><img class="image_centre" alt="http&#58;//" src="/images/" /> &#160;</p>BSc (Hons)F750Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Applied Animal Studies2311<p>The programme aims to equip students for a career in the animal industry. Students will be taught the basic principles of animal science with advanced modules covering the more specialised areas of zoo management, animal behaviour, animal conservation, animal welfare, animal health and animal science.</p> <p>Delivered in partnership with <a href="http&#58;//">Moulton College</a>, students will work at the college for the majority of their study time.​</p> <p><a href="http&#58;//"><img class="float_left" alt="Moulton College logo" src="/images/Moulton_course_info.jpg" /></a> <br></p> <p> &#160;</p>BSc (Hons)D300Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Developmental and Educational Psychology2318<p>This specialist psychology programme enables students to focus on human development and educational issues alongside a general psychology pathway. It provides useful experience for those intending to work in a range of career areas both in and outside of psychology such as educational psychology, clinical psychology, teaching and research.<br></p><p>The programme is British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited*, giving students the opportunity to gain Graduate Basis for Chartered (GBC) Membership. Students develop employability skills through volunteering opportunities, events, workshops, and research placements.</p><p><img alt="The British Psychological Society logo" src="http&#58;//" style="margin&#58;5px;width&#58;200px;height&#58;71px;" />&#160;</p><p>*<span style="font-size&#58;8pt;">Accreditation applicable to undergraduate single honours psychology degrees and&#160;joint honours degrees where psychology is the major subject.</span><br></p> BSc (Hons)C891Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Human Resource Management2849<p>This is a part time course for those employed in personnel management or related fields.</p>University CertificateUndergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Photography3836<p>​​​​This programme is largely skills and practice based and encourages the exploration of the photograph within a range of contemporary practices and contexts, for example, from commercial to art based photography. The study of photography will also extend to a critical understanding of the subject and allow students the scope for professional and creative development.</p><div><div><p>Learning is informed by historical and current references, cultural and social contexts, and the requirements of a range of professional practice on graduation. Throughout the course students are supported to engage in live projects, competition and exhibitions.</p><p><a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank"><img alt="Photography BA (Hons)" src="http&#58;//" style="margin&#58;5px;" />​</a><br></p><p>To view a gallery of our students' work please <a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">visit our flickr website</a>.<br></p></div></div>BA (Hons)W640Undergraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse
Sports Therapy20017<p>​Awarded through the University of Northampton and delivered at Moulton College, this course equips students with necessary tools to become a sports therapist, including a range of practical, patient handling and clinical decision-making skills. Teaching takes place in world-class facilities at Moulton College that include purpose-built clinical teaching rooms, strength and conditioning suite, 25-metre pool, environmental chamber, whole-body cryotherapy chambers, aquatic therapy facilities and physiology and biomechanics laboratories.</p>MScPostgraduatehttp://catalog.uon-dmz.local/sites/catalogs/UoN/Lists/Courses/AllItems.aspxFalse

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