Congratulations on receiving a place at the University of Northampton. We’re looking forward to welcoming you at the University when your course starts.

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The New Students section of the website contains all of the information that you need to fully prepare yourself for starting to study with us.

Please read our Getting Started 2017 Guide to learn more about enrolling and starting your studies with us.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students starting on full-time courses usually enrol in September over Welcome Weekend and Welcome Week. International students enrolling for our autumn intake will usually arrive in early September. Students on certain professional courses will enrol at specific times which you will be notified about. For more information visit the Enrolment page.

As an Undergraduate, once you have enrolled there will be lots of activities and introductory sessions for you to attend to get used to university life. These activities will be spread over the course of the week – often referred to as fresher’s week, although we call it Welcome Week. We also have dedicated information for Postgraduate students and International students.

If you’d like to meet fellow freshers or find out who you’ll be studying and sharing accommodation with, you can join our new students group on Facebook. You can also visit the Students’ Union website for further information about SU events.

We hope you will enjoy and value your time here with us and we look forward to meeting you soon.