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Student parking

University of Northampton Parking

Waterside Campus Parking Off-site Parking (Development Hub and Scholars Green)

How to Apply

Applications for the new academic year (2020 – 2021) for Waterside are now closed. Waterside commuting permits were particularly oversubscribed and are therefore full as well as the waiting list. For alternative parking please see the Park and Ride pages.

Permits are still available for:

  • The Development Hub – Commuting Students (Car) – For students based at the DH only (including Fine Art, Music, Creative Practice)
  • Motorbikes – Waterside or The Development Hub – Commuting Motorbikes
  • Scholars Green Student Village – Residential Students (Car & Motorbike)

To apply visit the PMS below and register as a new user for the tool, you will then be able to view the permits on offer and apply for the correct one. Before you apply please see the eligibility criteria below.

The permits will remain open until all permit spaces have been taken – permits will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis now, due to this being the second round of applications.

Blue Badge and ASSIST applications are also open and will remain open all year round, there is no deadline and no cap on numbers. Please see more information.

Please read the details below before making your application.

Student Permit Criteria

Due to a limited number of spaces, we are unable to guarantee every student access to parking, so to make this as fair as possible each permit application will be assessed following strict criteria and permits will only be valid for one term. Students will need to reapply termly and there is no guarantee that a permit will be carried over.

The criteria is prioritised as follows:

  1. Are you living in the relevant Halls for the permit you are applying? (Compulsory for residential permit)
  2. Does your course involve placements? (Higher scoring for residential permit)
  3. Is your course based at the Development Hub (Compulsory for Development Hub permit)
  4. Are you a registered carer? (Please note this does not include childcare, a registered carer looks after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and cannot cope without their support. The care they give is unpaid). (Evidence required).
  5. Distance: how far is your home/term time address from Waterside, Scholars Green or the Development Hub in miles?
  6. Public Transport: how accessible is Public Transport from your home/term time address?
  7. Exclusion Zone: Is your home/term time address outside the 3-mile exclusion zone from Waterside and the Development Hub? (NN1, NN2 postcodes are within the exclusion zone and therefore not eligible to apply, this applies for some NN3 postcodes also).
  8. Exclusion Zone: Is your home/term time address outside the 2-mile exclusion zone from the Sixfields Park and Ride? (Includes some NN4 and NN5 postcodes. (However, postcodes such as NN11, NN12, NN13 may score less due to having access to the Park and Ride on the West side of town)).

What happens after you have applied

All applications received will be processed and scored. Successful applicants will be invited to pay for a permit and given a short window to do so. Once paid a ‘Virtual Permit’ or a physical permit will be issued as required.

  • Waterside & the Development Hub – ‘Virtual Permit’ – the vehicle is put on an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system
  • Scholars Green Student Village – a physical permit – the permit must be displayed in the vehicle windscreen at all times when on site, so it is visible to Security Patrollers. In addition, a barrier fob will be required for access to the car park which can also be purchased online. Once ready for collection, contact will be made with the student on how to do this.

Please ensure you have fully understood the application terms and conditions, have read the guidance on completing your application and have submitted to the correct email. The permit applications will remain open until all permits have been taken.


Term Two applications (for January to March 2021) will open in December 2020 and all information will be communicated on this webpage.

For information on the new Permit Management System and our parking Terms and Conditions please view the guidance.

Motorcycle parking

Motorcyclists can also apply for parking, this includes those commuting by motorbike and also those living in Waterside or Scholars Green Halls. Motorbikes must pay a £30 admin fee per term, and must also reapply termly as per vehicles.

There are dedicated motorcycle parking areas at Waterside with large galvanised steel bars to anchor bikes to for improved security. All motorcycles must be parked in the dedicated parking and must not park in cycle shelters, dedicated line marked car bays or other non-designated areas.

Motorcycle will not be recognised by the ANPR system due to not having a front registration plate. Instead they will have to contact security at the barrier intercom to be allowed entry, giving their name and registration for validity.

Evening Parking, Waterside

In a response to feedback regarding short term access to parking during the evening and weekends, students can now park in Car Park 1 (NN1 5PH) at the following times without a permit, please note that no overnight stays are permitted:

  • Monday to Friday, from 17:00 to 00:00 – 50p
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 07:00 to 00:00 – £1 per day
  • Free for motorbikes
  • If your vehicle has not left the site by midnight an automatic Parking Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued

If Car Park 1 is full, there are a number of Borough Council town centre car parks.

If you have any questions about parking or travelling to and from the University, please contact or or see the further information on these pages.

Directions to Waterside

Waterside Campus has two entrances and is a no-through site, it is important to use the right entrance for the car park or building you are trying to access:

  • Car park one and two, Senate, drop off zone – University Drive, off Bedford Road (A428), NN1 5PH.
  • Car park three and four, Waterside Student Village, drop off zone – New South Bridge Road, off London Road (A508), NN4 8RP.

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