Bus and train services to our campuses

Uno bus – the University bus that everyone can use

Getting around Northampton or between University sites couldn’t be easier, we operate our own bus service – Uno- within the town which links you with the main travel hubs of Northampton and University facilities – not forgetting our off-campus accommodation.

Uno bus fares will be subsidised Monday – Friday, so any journey within the inner town will cost just 50p and anything outside of this will be £1. The intercampus bus between Waterside and St George’s Avenue is free to all students Monday – Friday.

The Uno buses also offer free Wi-Fi and USB charging points so you can stay online while on the move. Plus, our bus stops have real time info so you can see when your next bus is coming.

Be sure to check the Uno bus website as some of our routes operate term and non-term timetables .

Bus routes:

The new timetables for the 18, 19, 20 and 21 routes are now available.

Route 18: Park and Ride – Rail Station – town centre (Gold St) – Waterside – town centre (Derngate Stage Dr) – Rail Station – Park and Ride. (Limited stop circular route).

Service Days First Bus (outbound) Last Bus (inbound) Frequency (peak time) Cost (single)

M – F

(no weekend service)

06:27 21:40 15 minutes £0.50

Route 19/19A: Boughton Green Rd Halls – Barrack Rd/St George’s Avenue – town centre – Waterside.

Service Days First Bus (outbound) Last Bus (outbound) Frequency (peak time) Cost (single)

M – F


Sun & PH







12 minutes

15 minutes

30 minutes

 *see below

Full fare

Full fare

* Free to BGR halls residents /£1 from BGR / £0.50 from Barrack Rd

Route 20: Waterside – Sol Central – St George’s Avenue – Abington Square – Waterside (Limited stop circular route).

Service Days First Bus (outbound) Last Bus (outbound) Frequency (peak time) Cost (single)

M – F

(no weekend service)

07:20 22:11 30 minutes FREE to all University staff and students at any stop (valid ID card required)

Route 21: Blackthorn – Weston Favell – town centre.

Service Days First Bus (outbound) Last Bus (outbound) Frequency (peak time) Cost (single)

M – F

Sat only





15 minutes

20 minutes

*see below

Full Fare

*£1 from Blackthorn / £0.50 from inner Kettering Rd (opp Racecourse)

(For travel to Waterside, alight the 21 at Abington Square and board the 20 service free of charge). ​​

We have launched a new fleet of buses that all offer free Wi-Fi and USB charging points so you can stay online while on the move. Plus, our bus stops will have real time info so you can see when your next bus is coming.


Uno buses accept:

  • Cash on board
  • Contactless up to £30.00 on board
  • Uno mobile app – available from Google Play and Apple Store – prepaid.
  • Passengers can also purchase Uno 1 day, 1 week and 1-month bus travel tickets, and an Uno Group Day ticket online or from the driver.

Northampton Buzz Card and PlusBus tickets are also accepted. Further information about bus timetables and maps for services operating in Northampton can be found on the Northamptonshire County Council website.

Please also take the time to read the University’s Conditions of Travel.

Other bus services

For other bus routes travelling locally to the University campuses, please visit the Northamptonshire government website for further route information.

Rail Services

Travel to/from Northampton rail station

Northampton station is only one mile – a 15-minute walk/10-minute cycle ride – to our new campus and St John’s Halls. Better still the Innovation Centre is just opposite.

St George’s Avenue is 1.5 miles away and Boughton Green Road Halls are just over 3 miles away.

All our sites link to the station on the new Uno Buses You can travel between:

  • 18 – Waterside – Rail Station – Monday – Friday
  • 19 – Boughton Green Road Halls – Barrack Rd (St George’s Avenue) – town centre (Rail Station 5 -10 minute walk) – Monday – Sunday
  • 20 – Waterside – Sol Central (Rail Station 2 minutes) – St George’s Avenue – Monday – Friday (free intercampus bus, term time only).

You can travel from Waterside and St George’s Avenue to Sol Central (a 2-minute walk to the rail station) for free Monday – Friday on the 20 service. At the weekends the 19/19A will take you to the Bus Station (5 – 10 minute walk to the rail station) for full fare.

Rail Links and fares

Northampton station has excellent links to large local cities such as Birmingham, Milton Keynes and London, it is just an hour ride from Euston or Birmingham New Street giving easy access to transfers to most major cities.

Additionally, Wellingborough station (approx. 12 miles away) has direct links to: Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Sheffield. Stagecoach run the X46 and X4 to Wellingborough and beyond from Northampton.

16-25 Railcard

16-25 Railcard costs £30 and it’ll save you 1/3 on rail fares throughout Great Britain for a whole year, including all Standard and First Class Advance fares.

You are eligible if you’re aged between 16-25, or over the age of 26 and in full-time education. Please see the 16-25 Railcard website for the full eligibility criteria.

You can use your Railcard anytime on weekends, public holidays and during the week. The only restriction is that if you travel between 04:30 and 09:59 Monday to Friday (except during July and August) a minimum fare of £12 will apply.

Now you can also buy a three-year 16-25 Railcard, available only online. It’s great value at £70, saving you an extra £20 on the cost of renewing your one-year Railcard for three consecutive years. You can buy this three-year Railcard up until the day before your 24th birthday.

Please visit the 16-25 Railcard website for more information.

Other Discounts

Additionally, National Rail offer a group save ticket, where groups of three to nine adults can get 1/3 off Off-Peak tickets when travelling together. The group must travel together at all times. No further discounts (using Railcards, for example) can be used at the same time.

Trainline offer a similar GroupSave ticket and often have the cheapest fares if you’re booking for just one person, but they do charge a booking fee.

Student Oyster Cards

Students with a London home address are entitled to discounted Oyster Cards through Transport for London. You can apply for an 18+ Oyster photocard online and the University will verify your application.


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