Both campuses are easy to access by public and private transport. Please see car parking information below as well as further information about bus and train services and other forms of transport.

Car parking

We provide daytime parking on campus for students who live off-site. It is advisable that you arrive in plenty of time if you want to park on campus as the car parks can get quite congested. After you have accepted your confirmed course place you will be able to apply for a non-residential student car park barrier card to gain access to the campus car parks. There is a non-refundable admin fee for this barrier card. Please note that forms will not be processed until the beginning of September.

The barrier card will only last until 2018 due to the University’s move to Waterside Campus.

By parking your vehicle on campus you agree to a parking contract. If you do not park according to the conditions of this contract you will be issued a £70 Civil Parking Notice (CPN). The CPN charge will be reduced to £35 if you pay within 14 days.


If you are a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student living off-campus and your home or term time address is within 1.5 miles of either campus you will be unable to park at Avenue or Park Campus. Further information can be found in the list of restricted postcodes within NN2.

If you have given proof of exceptional circumstances, such as health reasons or family care commitments you will be permitted to park on campus. Disabled parking spaces are available on both campuses. If you require specialist arrangements to be made, please contact the Additional Student Support and Inclusion Services Team (ASSIST).

Halls of residence parking

There are limited parking spaces available at Park Campus (Boughton Green Road Halls) and Avenue Campus (Basset Lowke Halls) for resident students. These are reserved for students who need to bring a car for health reasons, or due to having an academic placement, and cost £50 per term. This scheme currently operates on a needs-based criteria model outlined below:

  • Blue Badge holders
  • those registered with ASSIST/Ill health (Please note that not all students registered with ASSIST are guaranteed a permit as ASSIST will advise where one is required)
  • official academic placements
  • immediate family ill health (please note that this is parents/guardians and requires medical evidence)

For current students residing at Park or Avenue Campus wishing to apply for a permit, please visit the travel and parking pages on the Student Hub.

The permit scheme will continue in the same way for Basset Lowke and Boughton Green Road residents once the University relocates to Waterside.

Students living in St John’s Hall are able to purchase a parking permit from Northampton Borough Council to park in St John’s multi-storey car park next door. However, once we move to Waterside the campus will be less than a 5-minute walk from here.

There will be no car parking available at Waterside Campus for students living in the on-site in halls of residence (Waterside Student Village) – with the exception of Blue Badge or ASSIST Permit (University Blue Badge) holders.

Should you need to speak to someone in relation to residential car parking please contact To find out more about parking at the University, please visit our Expectations of Parking post on Medium.