These pages outline the travel and transport information for the university from 5th August.

All our university sites are easy to access by public and sustainable transport. Please see the University’s Travel Plan aims below as well as all travel and transport information in the menu tabs including: bus and train services, park and ride and cycling and walking.

The University’s Travel Plan exists to reduce the impact of our student, staff and visitor travel to our sites and to provide viable and accessible sustainable travel options instead, which results in a reduction of carbon emissions, Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) pollution and congestion. With over 2,000 staff and 10,000 students, travel is a key issue for the University to manage.

With the move to our new campus, Waterside, the University is working hard to ensure it supports sustainable travel options through its Travel Plan, including: subsidised Uno Buses, free intercampus Uno Bus, a park and ride facility on the edge of town, Cycle CoNNect hire bikes, and excellent cycling and walking routes.

The travel plan aims to reduce single occupancy car journeys to our sites by 20% in five years.