Welcome to the University of Northampton Sustainability Hub. Here you will find information on the university’s environment and sustainability targets, plans, activities and policies. Annual targets are set each year to ensure we are on track to meet overall targets, such as Net Zero Carbon by 2030. Further details can be found in our Investors in the Environment Action Plan and across our sustainability webpages.

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University Strategic Plan

Our core elements

Environmental Management System

Our environmental commitments and objectives

Sustainability leadership, management and governance

Sustainability Governance

Carbon Management

Committed to environmentally responsible use of energy

Resource Management

Committed to the sustainable management

Ethical Business Practices

Ethical and Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Travel

Get around town sustainably

Catering at UON

How we cater sustainably

Education and Engagement for Sustainable Development

Involving our staff and students in sustainability

Sustainable Development Goals

Our goals for sustainability


How we manage the local area

COP26 Week

Find out more

Our Campus