UON Sustainability Summit 2024

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Building on the enormous success of its maiden edition held in May of 2023, the UON Sustainability Summit 2024 will serve as a platform which brings together academia, businesses, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to assess the progress that has been made so far by the stakeholder community in pursuing our shared goals as outlined in the Northampton Sustainability Accord, and to identify areas where further progress could be made. In order to achieve this, the Summit organisers will be introducing an exciting new innovation strand into the Summit process to further accelerate our collaborative efforts to attain the shared sustainability goals outlined in the Northampton Sustainability Accord. The Summit will also provide an opportunity for networking across sectors to continue to build strategic partnerships for further collaborative work in addressing shared sustainability challenges.

Join Us in 2024

As a higher education institution, the University of Northampton is well placed to play a central role in catalysing partnerships and much needed collaboration between stakeholders. The University has ample research and consultancy expertise within the area of Sustainability with which to continue to support organisations to adopt more sustainable practices. Through the work of the Sustainability Local Innovation Hub (SLIPAH), the University has, since its maiden Sustainability Summit in May of 2023, galvanised the local stakeholder community towards pursuing shared sustainability goals through the Sustainability Summit & Northampton Sustainability Accord frameworks. The UON Sustainability Summit in 2024 will provide a fresh opportunity to go further with that work by drawing on the benefits of innovation to support local stakeholders to progress towards more sustainable practices.


The Summit is being organised under theme; “Harnessing the power of Innovation in attaining our shared Sustainability goals under the Northampton Sustainability Accord.”

Summit Objectives

  • Provide a deliberative framework which enables a collective assessment of the progress that has been made so far in attaining the sustainability goals set out in the Northampton Sustainability Accord.
  • Introduce an Innovation strand into the Summit & Northampton Sustainability Accord framework to further accelerate collaborative efforts in attaining shared sustainability goals.
  • Identify innovative sustainability solutions and develop relevant action plans to address industry challenges.
  • Enable sharing of knowledge and best practice between academia and industry on innovative approaches and tools to address sustainability challenges.
  • Highlight and exhibit the high value of sustainability projects being undertaken by organisations across Northamptonshire and the Midlands region.

Monday 20 May (Day 1) 2024 and Tuesday 21 May 2024 (Day 2)


University of Northampton, Waterside Campus, Learning Hub, Ground Floor Commons.


Delegates must complete registration in advance of the Summit via the University of Northampton online shop. Each registered delegate will receive an on-site badge upon arrival at the University.  The fee for registration is £80 per delegate, and delegates will be able to benefit from a 25% early bird discount. This early bird discount will be in place until Friday 29th March 2024.  As places are limited, the organisers will be working on a first come first served basis. Registration will open on Monday 15th January 2024.

View photos from the Summit in 2023:


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