February 2019 Award Ceremonies

These ceremonies will be taking place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 February 2019. Exact dates and times will be confirmed in student invitations. A detailed breakdown of which courses will attend which ceremonies can also be found in the tabs at the bottom of the page.

Once you have received your invitation you can then use our online booking system:

All eligible students will receive an invitation for these ceremonies by the end of September. If you believe you are eligible but do not receive an invitation by the start of October please contact the ceremonies office:

Further Information

Upcoming award Ceremony Dates

  • Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 February 2019 – Winter Award Ceremonies
  • Summer Ceremonies – Week Commencing 22 July 2019

Graduation Attire

Undergraduate Academic Attire

Postgraduate Academic Attire

Not attending a ceremony

If you do not wish to attend your ceremony and instead wish to have your certificate sent to you by post, you must complete our online certificate claim form in order for your certificate to be sent.

Ceremony Ticket Refunds

All students who do not successfully complete their course in the timescale given for the ceremony they have booked to attend will be automatically refunded. They will also be notified of this, by email, once the deadline for being awarded has passed.

There is a refund deadline for all ceremonies for non-result based refunds, as outlined in the information available prior to booking. Students who require a refund for guest tickets for reasons not relating to their results can get a refund using the online booking system prior to the refund deadline.

The refund deadline is a very strict deadline and refunds after the given date will only be processed in very exceptional circumstances, and these cannot be actioned using the online booking system. Refunds will not be allowed once tickets have been sent to students. All information required for the refund to be processed needs to be received prior to this deadline, partial information will not be considered. Requests after the deadline should be emailed to

For all gown refunds you will need to liaise directly with Ede and Ravenscroft on 01223 861854 or using their online system.

Visitor visa letter requests for guests

If you would like us to provide you with letters to support either your visa application or your guests’ visitor visa applications please complete the letter request form. Please note that we cannot provide the letters until you have booked to attend the ceremony and purchased guest tickets for your ceremony.

Your certificate

For information on your certificate and transcript, replacement documentation or verifications please visit our Certification page.

Data protection and media disclaimer

As part of the award ceremonies experience your name will appear in a variety of publications and photographs will be taken during the event for marketing purposes. If you wish your name to be omitted or wish not to have your photograph taken please email the Ceremonies Team as soon as possible. As most of the publications are printed in advance of the award ceremonies we will need advanced notice in order to omit you from these publications.

  • Saturday 9 February 2019 – 2:30pm

    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • Master of Philosophy
    • MA Fine Art
    • MSc Animal Welfare
    • MSc Computing
    • MSc Computing (Computer Network Engineering)
    • MSc Computing (Software Engineering)
    • MSc Engineering
    • MSc International Environmental Management
    • MSc Leather Technology (Professional)
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Leather Finishing – Automotive
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Research Degree Supervision
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Wastes Management
    • Joint Award: Film & Screen Studies
    • Joint Award: Human Geography
    • BA Drama
    • BA Graphic Communication
    • BA Media Production & Moving Image
    • BA Multimedia Journalism
    • BA Photography
    • BA Popular Music
    • BEng Computing (Computer Network Engineering)
    • BEng Computing (Computer Systems Engineering)
    • BSc Applied Animal Studies
    • BSc Applied Zoology
    • BSc Business Computing (Systems)
    • BSc Civil Engineering
    • BSc Computing
    • BSc Computing (Software Engineering)
    • BSc Engineering
    • BSc Environmental Science
    • BSc Equine Therapies
    • BSc Geography
    • BSc Geography (Physical Geography)
    • BSc Leather Technology (Leather Science)
    • BSc Non-Destructive Testing
    • BSc Wastes Management
    • BSc Wildlife Conservation
    • FdSc Applied Animal Studies
    • FdSc Construction Management
    • FdSc Countryside & Wildlife Management
    • FdSc Lift Engineering
    • HND Computer Games Development
    • HND Computing
    • HND Computing (Computer Systems Engineering)
    • HND Computing (Software Engineering)
    • HND Digital Fashion
    • HND Engineering
    • HNC Engineering
    • University Certificate in Infection Control
  • Saturday 9 February 2019 – 10:45 am

    • Doctor of Business Administration
    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • MA Human Resource Management
    • MA International Relations
    • MA Marketing
    • MA Social Innovation
    • MBA
    • LLM International Commercial Law
    • LLM International Criminal Law & Security
    • MSc Accounting & Finance
    • MSc Corporate Governance & Leadership
    • MSc Economics
    • MSc International Banking & Finance
    • MSc International Logistics
    • MSc International Marketing Strategy
    • MSc IT Service Management
    • MSc Management (Financial Analysis)
    • MSc Management (Human Resources)
    • MSc Management (International)
    • MSc Management (Marketing)
    • MSc Project Management
    • Postgraduate Diploma
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
    • Postgraduate Diploma in IT Service Management
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Management
    • Postgraduate Certificate
    • Postgraduate Certificate in International Relations
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Management
    • Joint Award: Accounting
    • Joint Award: Business
    • Joint Award: Business Entrepreneurship
    • Joint Award: Events Management
    • Joint Award: International Tourism Management
    • Joint Award: Politics
    • BA Accounting & Financial Management
    • BA Advertising & Digital Marketing
    • BA Business & Management
    • BA Business Entrepreneurship
    • BA Business Management
    • BA Business Studies
    • BA Events Management
    • BA Fashion Marketing
    • BA Human Resources
    • BA International Business
    • BA International Business Communication
    • BA International Hospitality Management
    • BA International Logistics & Trade Finance
    • BA International Relations & Politics
    • BA International Tourism Management
    • BA Marketing Management
    • BBA
    • LLB
    • BSc Accounting & Finance
    • BSc Banking & Financial Planning
    • BSc International Accounting
    • BSc Marketing Management
    • FdA Accounting
    • HND Business
    • HND Travel & Tourism Management
  • Saturday 9 February 2019 – 2:30pm

    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • MA Education
    • MA Education (Early Years)
    • MA Education (English Language Teaching)
    • MA Education (Mathematics)
    • MA Education Leadership & Management
    • MA English (Contemporary Literature)
    • MA History
    • MA Special Educational Needs & Inclusion
    • MA Special Educational Needs & Inclusion (Autism)
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Education Leadership & Management
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Special Educational Needs & Inclusion
    • Postgraduate Certificate
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary)
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary)
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Computing
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education 3-7 (QTS)
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education (QTS) 5-11
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Primary English
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Mathematics
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination (The National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination)
    • Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (Secondary)
    • Professional Graduate Certificate in Primary Education (QTS) 5-11
    • BA Childhood & Youth
    • BA Early Childhood Studies
    • BA Early Years Education
    • BA Education Studies
    • BA English
    • BA History
    • BA Learning & Teaching
    • BA Primary Education
    • BA Special Educational Needs & Inclusion
    • FdA Early Years
    • FdA Learning & Teaching
  • Sunday 10 February 2019 – 10:45am

    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • MA Transpersonal Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy
    • MA Transpersonal Counselling & Psychotherapy
    • MSc Advanced Professional Practice
    • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Occupational Therapy)
    • MSc Autonomous Healthcare Practice
    • MSc Child & Adolescent Mental Health
    • MSc Counselling
    • MSc Counselling Children & Young People
    • MSc Leadership for Health & Social Care
    • MSc Psychology
    • MSc Public Health
    • MSc Strength & Conditioning
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Children & Young People
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health
    • Postgraduate Certificate
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Occupational Therapy
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Podiatry
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Practice
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Autonomous Healthcare Practice
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Enhanced Evidence Based Practice in Child & Adolescent Mental Health
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Practice Education
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing Practice (Children & Young People)
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership
    • Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Evidence Based Practice in Child & Adolescent Mental Health
    • Graduate Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing Practice (Children & Young People)
    • Joint Award: Psychology
    • BA Applied Criminal Justice Studies
    • BA Criminology
    • BA Policing
    • BA Professional Investigative Practice
    • BA Social & Community Development
    • BA Social Care
    • BA Social Work
    • BSc Developmental & Educational Psychology
    • BSc Health & Social Care
    • BSc Human Biosciences
    • BSc Mental Healthcare
    • BSc Occupational Therapy
    • BSc Paramedic Science
    • BSc Podiatry
    • BSc Professional Practice
    • BSc Professional Practice (Emergency Care)
    • BSc Psychology
    • BSc Psychology & Counselling
    • BSc Sport & Exercise Science
    • BSc Sports Performance & Coaching
    • BSc Sports Therapy
    • FdSc Health & Social Care
    • FdSc Paramedic Science
    • FdSc Professional Practice (Pre Hospital Care)
    • FdSc Sports Performance & Coaching
    • FdSc Sports Therapy
    • Certificate of Higher Education in Mental Health

    Sunday 10 February 2019 – 2:30pm

    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • Doctor of Professional Practice
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
    • BSc Adult Nursing
    • BSc Children’s Nursing
    • BSc Community Public Health Practitioner
    • BSc Learning Disability Nursing
    • BSc Mental Health Nursing
    • BSc Midwifery
    • BSc Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
    • FdSc Dental Nursing


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