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A Changemaker Campus

The University of Northampton (UON) is internationally recognised as a Changemaker Campus – one of only 50 such universities in the world.

This commitment offers a unique opportunity for every student to discover how they contribute to making the world a better place by becoming a Changemaker.

Simply put, a Changemaker is anyone who takes action to address a problem, activates others, and works towards solutions for the good of all.

What is a Changemaker Education?

Changemaker education helps students like you build their skills and confidence as agents for change. This education aims to help students:

  • Develop personal awareness, community understanding, and ability to collaborate with others
  • Develop abilities for catalysing social change such as civic engagement, social innovation, social justice, and philanthropy
  • Practice changemaking by taking action and activating others around a societal challenge

What does this mean at UON?

As a University we have built our strategy around changemaking with a commitment to “Transforming Lives and Inspiring Change” – which means creating a world in which:

  • Every young person can flourish and learn
  • Positive health and wellbeing are fostered and promoted for all
  • Everyone’s culture, heritage, and environment are respected, protected, and enhanced for future generation
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities are supported to grow

This social impact is measured by the University’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a global framework to achieve a more sustainable future.

What does this mean for me?

It’s up to you to be the agent for change you want to see in the world – and we are here to give you the skills you will need.

Young people like you are fighting issues such as climate change, raising awareness of a social injustice, starting social enterprises that place conscience alongside capitol, or bringing new ideas to multinational companies.

Studying at UON will enable you to understand the difference you can be, apply your learning to develop skills and attitudes employers’ value, and become a Changemaker of the future. We are so confident that Changemaker will secure a student’s financial and career ambitions, we make the Northampton Employment Promise.

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