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The University of Northampton has built on our global reputation as a leader in social innovation to create a unique employability offer that we believe will ensure that our Graduates will stand out from the crowd and become highly employable, digitally literate, global citizens of the future.

At Northampton we are committed to developing graduates who are not only qualified to get their first graduate job but who have also developed the skills and attributes they need to progress their chosen career. With a strong set of employability skills and Changemaker attributes, a Northampton graduate has a secure base for their future. At Northampton both Employability and Changemaker are embedded into the curriculum and this is further supported by the extensive range of extra and co-curricular initiatives to enhance students’ employability and social entrepreneurship skills.

The Changemaker Hub works with students before, during and after their studies to develop and enhance employability through Changemaker. Finishing university with a good degree is great, graduating with a well-rounded and complete set of employability skills is even better.

Experiential learning is important to our students as a valuable part of their development. Whilst, we work with students to equip them with the skills and mindset for employment, time working in a business or community environment provides the practical element of our students skills and personal development. Through our extensive network of relationships with business and community organisations, the Changemaker Hub provides the experience to enhance their degree.

Employability through Changemaker is an award-winning service that helps to join the dots, provides a platform to capture student development, opportunities for paid work and volunteering, award programmes to celebrate successes and support to help students understand how Changemaker activities connect with future graduate employability.

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Recognition of quality standards

In order to ensure that a professional standard of careers and employability service is provided in HE, the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (of which we are members) has introduced a quality standard process that involves a detailed submission of the services, offer, support and plans of the service provider. This submission is also assessed by an independent peer reviewer. We are delighted to confirm that in July 2020 our submission was reviewed and successfully met the quality standards  required for membership of AGCAS.

association of graduate careers advisory services certificate

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