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Work-based Learning and Placements

Placements and flexible work-based learning at UON

One of the many benefits of studying at the University of Northampton is that many of our academic programmes offer practical work-based learning opportunities to support you as you study with us. Work-based Learning (WBL) gives you the opportunity to experience the world of work, completing module assessments that reflect on your experience as part of your award.

3,500 students undertake WBL every year as part of their course, with high module pass rates (93%).

WBL can include placements, client briefs, internships and paid work. Some of our work placement programmes will also lead to a professional recognition. Optional placement years are available to all joint honours students and these are always paid. This is also open to International students on Tier 4 visas. The University of Northampton will be your sponsor for this year and you will be able to earn a full time salary as part of your visa regulations.

We are focused on you. You can access support from the Changemaker Hub, which is available to all confirmed offer holders. So before you even start with the University of Northampton, you can start to think about the skills and knowledge you wish to focus on whilst studying at university which will enhance your employability prospects.

For some of the courses we do ask you to find your own WBL opportunities, but this then allows you to make use of existing work experiences, as well as develop your employability. You will be supported by the Changemaker Hub and your course teams, who will ensure that the right WBL opportunities will give you the depth of experience to meet the requirements of your course and your personal interests.

To find out more about WBL opportunities in the courses you are interested in please go to the course pages, talk to the programme teams at our open days or contact us on 01604 893781.

Already an enrolled student and want more information about WBL opportunities? Please visit our Work-based Learning pages on the Student Hub.

Workbased Learning, Placements and COVID-19

The University of Northampton, through its involvement of our students, is here to positively support business and organisations. This is as important now, as the impacts of COVID-19, now and in the future, challenge organisations and business.

That is why the University of Northampton, for the organisations that provide opportunities for our students, and for our students who are required to undertake WBL as part of their programmes, make the following promise:

We will protect you and your loved ones

That the health and safety of students, and the organisations and business’s staff, customers and service users is paramount, and that the University continues to do our part to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. We will do this by impact assessments to ensure that the needs of student are considered when determining suitability of workbased learning opportunities. Details of how the University of Northampton will consider the risks in relation to the pandemic can be found on the Risk Reduction for Students in Placements document.

We will create a safe as possible WBL opportunity, which advantages the businesses the students are working and supporting

The University works with business and organisations to ensure that placements and WBL consider the significant impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. This includes the requirement to revise situations that may lead to students being in environments that are contrary to guidance on social distancing and protecting vulnerable people.

We will give you confidence, working in partnership with students and organisations

That Students develop graduate employability skills through appropriate and meaningful experiences and reflections from the world of work, including when physically in the work place, or virtually.

That University through its placements and WBL and involvement of our student’s advantage business.

Workbased Learning, Placements and the GDPR

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, the University of Northampton needs to explain which Article 6 condition it is relying on for holding and processing personal data.

The University will process personal data in accordance with the performance of contractual arrangements you as a student have with us (including your obligations to the professional body).  (Art 6 1(b)).

The University of Northampton also has a legitimate interest (as defined by Art 6 1(f)) to share your personal details before and during your programme with the organisations that provide you a placement and work based learning opportunity. You can download a list of placement organisations used by the University of Northampton.

You have the right to make representation to the University and at any time during your enrolment on your programme. Should you have any concerns in relation to sharing your personal data for placement, please contact

European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (Erasmus)

The Erasmus Programme is an EU exchange student programme that will give you the opportunity to study abroad with one of our partner institutions in Europe while gaining credits towards your degree. We have over 40 Erasmus agreements with our partners throughout Europe.

If you want to apply for the Erasmus programme, please email Ann Pillans or phone 01604 892603 to make sure that an Erasmus inter-institutional agreement is in place within your subject area.

Modules under the Erasmus programme usually last for a whole academic year, but if you choose to study for a shorter period of time your credits will be calculated and accredited based on this. All courses are taught in English.

Course Information

Our course pages provides you with information about what you can expect to study. Included are details of any work-based learning and placement. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our placement organisations, and for academic year 20/21, students may be required to travel further and for longer to undertake their placement than described on individual course pages and within programme handbooks and information.

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