Work-based Learning and Placements

Placements and work-based learning at UON

Many of our academic programmes offer practical work-based learning opportunities. Placements & Work-based Learning (WBL) gives you the opportunity to experience the world of work, completing module assessments that reflect on your experience as part of your course.

Optional placement years are available to many undergraduate students. There are also placement year opportunities for postgraduate students, depending on your chosen course of study. Placement years are open to International students,  on a  student visa. The University of Northampton will be your sponsor for  your placement year and you will be able to earn a full time salary in accordance with your visa regulations..

We are focused on you. You can access support from Student Futures, which is available to all confirmed offer holders. So before you even start with the University of Northampton, you can start to think about the skills and knowledge you wish to focus on whilst studying at university which will enhance your employability prospects.

3,500 students undertake a placement every year as part of their course, across a range of subjects and courses with 100’s of placement organisations. Depending upon the course you are studying,  sometimes the University will organise the placement for you. For some courses,  we do ask you to find your own work placement opportunities, but this then allows you to make use of existing work experiences, as well as develop your employability skills. You will be supported by Student Futures and your course teams, who will ensure that the right opportunities will give you the depth of experience to meet the requirements of your course and your personal interests. What is common for all students undertaking placements at the University of Northampton, is that we have a wealth of experience, supporting you to get the most from your learning.

To find out more about placement opportunities in the courses you are interested in please go to the course pages, talk to the programme teams at our open days or contact us on 01604 893781.

Already an enrolled student and want more information about WBL opportunities? Please visit our Work-based Learning pages on the Student Hub (student login required).

Workbased Learning, Placements and the GDPR

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, (as amended by the UK GDPR and in conjunction with the UK Data Protection Act 2018), The University of Northampton needs to explain which Article 6 condition it is relying on for holding and processing personal data.

The University will process personal data in accordance with the performance of contractual arrangements you as a student have with us (including your obligations to the professional body).  (Art 6 1(b)).

The University of Northampton also has a legitimate interest (as defined by Art 6 1(f)) to share your personal details before and during your programme with the organisations that provide you a placement and work based learning opportunity. You can download a list of placement organisations (PDF, 269 KB) used by the University of Northampton.

You have the right to make representation to the University and at any time during your enrolment on your programme. Should you have any concerns in relation to sharing your personal data for placement, please contact

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