All students at the University of Northampton have the opportunity to develop as Changemakers.

Being a Changemaker is about doing the right things, in the right way, with the right people, for the right reasons. Approaching the world in this way is what we call having a Changemaker Mindset; a way in which you can embody the essential attributes and values needed to be a forward-thinking graduate, capable of creating positive social and economic impact in your future.

Developing this Changemaker Mindset is intrinsically linked to your personal and employability development and is relevant to any path you choose to take after graduation.

Working with the Changemaker Team to develop yourself as a Changemaker offers you the opportunity to connect with other students and local, national, and global community partners. The Changemaker Team provide you with dedicated support, enabling you the best possible chance of realising your potential as a Changemaker and understanding why this puts you in a unique position as a graduate.

Your route to access this development is through the Changemaker Certificate.

Changemaker Certificate

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  • As a university, we have built our strategy around changemaking with a commitment to “Transforming Lives and Inspiring Change”. This includes having four interrelated commitments that focus the positive social impact that we create.

    Each of these commitments is a strategic area for the university. We hold at our core a mission for driving positive change to people and the local economy. For many years the University has been committed to making a positive social, environmental, cultural, and financial impact with a clear strategic objective to step-out as the leader within the wider UK innovation ecosystem.

    The University of Northampton creates a positive social impact in society by committing to work to ensure that:

    1. Every young person can flourish and learn
    2. Positive health and wellbeing is fostered and promoted for all
    3. Cultures, heritage, and environment are respected, protected, and enhanced for future generations
    4. There is a positive environment in which entrepreneurial opportunities are supported to grow.

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