Beth overcomes A-levels setback to secure her future via Clearing

Date 16.08.2018

When Beth Maycock began to suffer from anxiety while studying her A-levels, her grades suffered.

But she overcame her difficulties to secure a place on the joint honours degree in Criminology and Sociology at the University of Northampton, which she joined via Clearing in 2017.

Beth, who comes from Bozeat, near Wellingborough, said: “When I was doing my A-levels my grade targets were AAB and I was planning to go to another uni to study history of art. However, some months before my exams I struggled with anxiety, which affected my concentration and my attendance at sixth form college.

“I started to realise my grades were going to suffer and so I started to look at other options. I also decided I wanted to change the course that I had chosen, to do something that I knew I would enjoy more.”

Beth was nervous about the Clearing process, but as soon as she picked up the phone to speak to the University of Northampton, she found it incredibly straightforward.

She said: “Everyone I spoke to along the way was incredibly reassuring and helpful. I spoke to the sociology module leader over the phone on A-level results day and he made me feel much more confident about the grades I had received (B,C,D) and that it wasn’t the end of the world. That day I knew that I was going to the University of Northampton.

Beth’s advice for anyone going through the Clearing process is: “Do not panic. Speaking from experience, not getting the grades you expected can be disappointing. But do not get disheartened or think you’ve let anyone down because everything will turn out well in the end.”

The University’s Clearing website is now open, and includes details of all the courses that are still open for applications.

Would-be students are also invited to attend the University’s Open Day, which takes place on Saturday 18 August.