Short-term Study Visas

What is the short-term study visa?

This route is only for students who apply for entry clearance to do an English language course between six and 11 months long. For study of up to six months, you may instead be able to undertake this under the visitor route.

You must:

  • have immigration permission in this category before you come to the UK (entry clearance).
  • be accepted onto an English language course which is no longer than 11 months in duration.

With this visa you cannot:

  • study on any other course or change your course while in the UK
  • study at a state-funded school
  • work or carry out any business (this includes paid or unpaid work, work experience or work placements)
  • extend this visa
  • bring family members (‘dependants’) with you
  • apply for most benefits (public funds) or the State Pension

For information on how to make an application please visit the government website.

Fees and costs

It costs £200 for a short-term study visa, you can find out more about short-term study visas on the government website.

Healthcare surcharge

You’ll also have to pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your online application. This is so you can use the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. You can visit our Immigration Health Surcharge page for more information.

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