Governance at UON

The University is governed by its Board of Governors. The overall purpose of the Board of Governors is:

  • To approve the University’s strategy and ensure that the University is operated effectively to achieve that strategy
  • Stewardship and trusteeship of the University’s long-term sustainability and resources

The Board of Governors appoints the Vice-Chancellor, who is responsible for the executive leadership and management of the University

Governing Documents

The governing documents set out how the University is run, including the responsibilities of the Board and those of the University’s executive leaders.

  • Instrument of Government

Establishes how the Board is constituted through different categories of membership, the number of members, and who qualifies for Board membership

  • Articles of Government

High level rules and procedures for how the Board and the University are run. The Articles cover the relationship between the Board, the Vice-Chancellor and the Senate, setting out the basic responsibilities of each

  • Bye-Laws

Rules which supplement the Instrument and Articles of Government. The Bye-Laws mainly cover meeting procedures and rules.

  • The Board’s statement of its responsibilities and scheme of delegation

This sets out what the Board is responsible for, and which matters are reserved for the approval of the Board, the Vice-Chancellor and the Senate, and any of these matters which have been formally delegated elsewhere.

University Legal and Charitable Status

The University of Northampton’s legal status and form is a Higher Education Corporation within the meaning of the Education Reform Act 1988. The Higher Education Corporation is the independent corporate body. The governors are the members of the Higher Education Corporation. They are also the University’s trustees.

The University is an exempt charity. This means that it has the status of a charity and must comply with charity law. However, it is not directly regulated by the Charity Commission. Instead, the University’s principal regulator is the Office for Students. The University’s charitable purpose is the advancement of education.

More information is available on our Charitable Information page.

Learn more about the Board of Governors

Visit the Board of Governors page for:

  • A list of Board members
  • Minutes and agendas of previous Board meetings
  • Information about the Board’s committees
  • How to join the Board

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