Sponsored Students Fees and Funding

If you have a sponsor (a recognised body, other than your parent/s or Student Finance, that is paying all or part of your tuition fees or living costs) or hold a scholarship from any external source, please provide us with documented evidence of this during the application process.

We can accept a dated sponsor letter on a company-headed paper that includes*:

  • student details: the student’s name, address, applicant/student number, course, academic year and the exact amount of sponsorship.
  • sponsor details: business name, address, and contact email address
  • purchase order number if applicable

Sponsors can pay in advance, however, once the sponsorship letter is approved, the sponsor will receive an invoice once the student has enrolled, and they will have 28 days to settle it**.

Sponsors can find more information on how to pay on our Commercial Payments page.

*New applicants will be able to provide their Sponsor details in the Applicants Portal by going to “My Sponsors” section.

Alternatively, if you are an existing student and you have no access to this please email: income@northampton.ac.uk.

**Please note that if sponsorship is cancelled students will be re-invoiced for their fees.

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