Distance Learning

What is Distance Learning study?

Distance learning is an excellent way of gaining a qualification around a busy home life or job. We recognise that many of our students have family and work commitments. That’s why we offer various online distance learning courses which work flexibly around your requirements.

Our distance learning degrees encompass a wide range of methods of learning, teaching and assessment. They are an ideal way to gain the skills you will need for your working life.

Flexible Online Study

One of the major benefits of distance learning is the flexibility of home study. The University’s online business learning programmes are flexible and designed so you can balance your distance learning home study with your other commitments. The programme structure and learning materials enable you to study at your own convenience, while offering opportunities to engage with your peers.

Our programme structure and learning materials enable you to study at your own convenience and develop your own study schedule in order to meet the assignment deadlines. You will study independently and be required to read around your subjects, research topics, look for relationships between different elements studied and solve problems.

How does Distance Learning work?

Many of our distance learning courses are recognised by professional bodies. Each programme has been designed to provide you with the skills that global businesses demand. The knowledge that you gain during your studies will help you in your current role and future career.

Our online learning courses are flexible and designed so that you can balance study with your commitments at work and home. The distance learning course structure and  materials enable you to study at your own convenience and develop your own study schedule.

Northampton Integrated Learning Environment (NILE) is a dedicated online university learning space for students. Your tutors will use NILE to engage with you. You will use NILE to access course materials, assessment information, virtual classrooms and discussion boards. Your assessed work will be submitted and graded online, so you will be able to see your grades and feedback wherever you are in the world. The system that underpins NILE is Blackboard and access to this system is through nile.northampton.ac.uk.

Supporting You as a Distant Learner

We support our students with online learning, whether they are based in the UK or anywhere in the world. You will have access to our distance learning system of support and a wide range of resources during your studies, including:

Distance Learning Tutors to Hand

Throughout the duration of your studies, you will have access to a dedicated course tutor. Your Course Tutor will oversee your online studies and ensure that the resources are in place to deliver the programme effectively. Your tutor will support you if there are personal issues or if there are problems that your module tutors cannot resolve.

You will also have Module Leaders who will be able to help you with specific queries about your distance learning degree modules. This is the person to consult if you have specific study difficulties with the module. For example, you might not fully understand the assessment requirements for the module, or have difficulties obtaining reading material.

A Modern Working Environment

With online learning, all your materials will be provided electronically, and you will have access to a wide range of learning resources, including e-books, videos, and other electronic materials through NILE, our online learning environment. Your assessed work will be submitted and graded online, therefore it is important that you have a computer and an adequate internet connection for your online studies.

You can find out more about which browsers to use to access NILE, and suggested minimum internet speeds at: Which browser or app should I use to access NILE?

You will also have access to a wide range of e-books, journals and other materials from the library. This can all be accessed remotely via NILE, so you can use our library online from your own PC, laptop or tablet.

Alumni Association

Upon graduation from our distance learning degrees, you will become a member of the University of Northampton Alumni Association. This is a global network of more than 50,000 international alumni.

If you are already an alumni you are entitled to receive a discount of 10% for online learning courses. Contact us to find out more about the Alumni Association. You can also be part of the Student’s union.

Distance Learning Funding: Scholarships and Bursaries

The University of Northampton offers a number of distance learning scholarships and bursaries to help provide higher education opportunities to all prospective students.

A range of financial awards are available to help support students through their distance learning courses, allowing them the opportunity to focus on their studies. This support can help alleviate financial pressures on students assisting with the cost of living, learning resources and accommodation costs.

The range of awards vary to reflect the different needs and circumstances of students.  Take a look at our scholarships page to see what you may be entitled to as a Distance Learning student. For more information on tuition fees and expenses take a look at our Fees and Funding page.

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