UON student bags top spot in Google talent programme

Date 10.12.2019

Second-year Advertising and Digital Marketing student, Lorraine Gorimani, fought off stiff competition, to become one of only 24 to make it to the Google Top Black Talent (GTBT) programme 2019.

The three-day programme is a talent attractions programme for black university students interested in starting their career with the technology giant. Lorraine’s application stood out from the hundreds of other undergraduates, post-graduates and MBA students, to bag her an all-expenses paid place on the programme at their London offices.

Talking about her experience, Lorraine said: “When I saw the Google programme, I was so excited, it sounded like just the kind of thing for me, I applied with my CV and after a through interview process, I got the email to say I was ‘in’, I was so excited.

“My time with Google was very inspirational, I heard from great speakers about the inner workings of Google, understand emerging digital trends, the impact and power of Youtube content, and how influencers are changing the digital landscape by maximising and monetising social media engagement. All things which have given me huge industry insights to bring back to use for my Advertising and Digital Marketing course.

“We also heard from Google staff who gave us some great tips on what Google look for when they’re recruiting, and how to make our own skills stand out in application forms. The Google team also put us through our paces in mock interviews and shared top tips for how to tackle problem-solving assessments which are common as part of recruitment processes these days. I also took part in sessions which have helped me to develop my leadership skills, identify and build my personal brand.

“I was really inspired by the way Google see their staff as individuals, and the way they treated us on the programme, for me, this experience was a re-confirmation that the colour of my skin, my background has nothing to do with my abilities, capabilities, personality, and behaviour. They looked at my talent, saw what I had to offer, and like it.

“The whole experience with Google has left me feeling really motivated, I’ve got some great industry insights for my academic studies, top tips for applying for jobs in the future, and I’ve learnt so much about myself too.”

“I want to thank my lecturers for all the support and advice they give me. They are literally the best in the world, always there to offer support when I need them. Not forgetting the University of Northampton for being such an amazing learning environment I don’t take any of it for granted. The resources, the support system, programs offered by the Changemaker Hub have moulded me and shaped me to never look back but to aim to be destined for success”.

Now Lorraine is back on campus and plans to make the most of her second and third years, before applying to the Google Graduate programme.