Top Industry accreditation for Digital Marketing at UON

Date 2.02.2021

Students’ career prospects have been boosted as a prestigious industry body, the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), have partnered with the University to give students DMI certification, boosting their career prospects.

The accreditation by the DMI confirms the academic excellence of the Advertising and Digital Marketing and Marketing programmes at Northampton. As well as signalling to industry that UON students are responsive to the dramatic pace of the digital marketing industry, giving employers confidence that UON graduates are work-ready.

In addition to studying an industry-approved degree, the accreditation means students will have direct access to a wide range of industry resources, short courses, tools, templates, networking opportunities, and much more from some of the world’s leading experts in digital marketing. When UON students reach their third year, they will qualify for the Digital Marketing Institute Associate Certificate, based on assessments they will have already completed.

Kardi Somerfield, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, said: “Digital marketing is a fast-paced sector, this accreditation recognises that our course at Northampton is moving with those times and gives students the skills they need to be industry-ready when they graduate. Being part of the DMI allows students to network with digital professionals and build their profiles ready for when they graduate.

“To support their academic journey, students will benefit from access to up to the minute industry resources, as well as excellent opportunities to access industry-led continuous professional development through practical and short courses alongside their studies.”

John Doran, DMI Head of University Partnerships, stated: “It is more important now, than ever for students to demonstrate their advanced digital marketing skills within the industry. Our partnership with the University of Northampton not only achieves this, but also allows students to unlock a path to lifelong learning, keeping up to date with the fast-paced world of digital.”

Simon Wragg, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Northampton said: “The partnership with the DMI will complement the excellent academic experience we offer at the University of Northampton, and will support students to enrich their thinking, with industry influence as they study, giving students the confidence to demonstrate their skills effectively after completing their programme.”

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