Thousands of school children explore STEAM Northants

Date 13.06.2024

The annual careers showcase at the University of Northampton saw children from dozens of Northants schools explore the latest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths this week.

STEAM Northants is the biggest county ‘careers event for 10–18-year-olds, with representatives from more than 45 schools and colleges and nearly 80 exhibitors.

Highlights included the Bloodhound land speed record car and Immersive Experiences who filled the university’s Sports Dome with their unique 3D planetariums alongside their virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Water testing at the Anglian Water exhibit

Jo Robinson, trainee teacher at Lyncrest Primary School said her children had a strong reaction to a video at the Medical Mavericks exhibit showing a patient undergoing a gastroscopy as a camera was inserted into their nose and down into their lungs.

She added: “It’s interesting, you can teach science but for some students it’s difficult for them to picture themselves with a career in science.

“But they learned about taking a pulse and taking a EGC and that it’s not just doctors and nurses, there’s also scientists who analyse the result and there’s hundreds of jobs in health.

“Today has really opened their minds to the possibilities and encouraged them to concentrate on maths, English and science.”

11-year-old Dylan Hole from Barton Seagrave Primary School said: “I didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve seen the gaming area and the animal area.

“I don’t know what I want to do when I leave school, but I do like engineering and science, so everything here has been really interesting.”

Eve Hinds-McDowell from Delapre Primary School after completing the British Army Climbing Wall Challenge.

11-year-old Eve Hinds-McDowell from Delapre Primary School (picture left) had just completed the British Army’s climbing wall challenge. She said “I’ve seen loads, dead bugs, virtual reality, but I really like music and the performance zone.

“I’ve thought about being an author when I leave school, but the Medical Mavericks caught my eye, especially the bit about being an optician.”

STEAM Northants is proud to be the largest careers event in the county hosted at the University of Northampton, organised by the Schools Engagement (Widening Access) team to support young people’s aspiration and attainment into further and higher education.