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Student Lorraine shares her top tips for success

Date 3.08.2020

Second-year Advertising and Digital Marketing student, Lorraine Gorimani, knows what it takes to put together a winning application.

Not only did Lorraine fight off stiff competition to become one of only 24 to make it to the Google Top Black Talent (GTBT) programme 2019, but she’s about to start this year’s Google Bold EMEA Immersion Programme.

Keen to share her top tips for getting noticed when applying for internships, and jobs, Lorraine took part in an Instagram Live session with Georgina Laing-Sutton, a UON graduate herself, who is now part of the University’s social media team.

During the Application Masterclass, Lorraine shared her top tips, advice, helpful books and resources to help UON students to enhance the way they sell themselves.

Talking about the masterclass, Lorraine said; “I work hard, and I’m fortunate enough to have applied for, and been successful for, some great opportunities which have taught me so much.

“As I’ve been applying for these opportunities, I’ve got good at selling myself and know what works to get my application noticed. I think it’s important to share that knowledge with my fellow students to help them succeed too.

“My top tips are really very simple, but easy to forget when faced with an application deadline. You must make sure you know your why – why do you want the opportunity you’re applying for? Research is key – you’ve got to impress them with your knowledge. Then make sure you tailor your application using that information. Get yourself on LinkedIn and make connections – a good network will mean people think of you when they hear about opportunities too.

“Finally, I think it’s really important to be yourself in your applications and to believe in yourself.  I’ve had fantastic support from my lecturers, the University Changemaker Hub and people working in industry who have helped me to build my confidence. Take every opportunity, even if it’s unpaid or voluntary – the experience will be valuable to talk about on your CV.”

As well as sharing her top tips, Lorraine talked about confidence, imposter syndrome, her experiences as a young black woman, and her plans for launching her own magazine in the future.

If you missed it, you can watch the masterclass on the University Instagram here.