Disney placement “Where Dreams Come True” for student Tobias

Date 30.11.2021

Advertising and Digital Marketing student, Tobias Sutton, secured a placement year with The Walt Disney Company. Tobias believes that his first two years at the University of Northampton gave him the edge in securing this prestigious placement.

Speaking about the placement opportunity, Tobias said: “A placement year with Disney, probably one of the most recognisable global brands, is the opportunity of a lifetime. Over the next year, I will be working within the company’s softlines division, which is within Consumer Products, Games and Publishing. I’ll be assisting with managing the brand collaborations and the use of Disney’s intellectual property – those iconic characters – which other brands want to put on their clothing, fashion, and homeware products.”

A placement year usually occurs between the second and final year of study at university and helps students to gain valuable work experience, develop transferable skills, and explore potential career paths.

Tobias credits the University for preparing him for the placement. He said: “As part of the Advertising and Digital Marketing course, you’re frequently working on creative briefs, to a tight deadline, with clients from the business community in Northampton, and departments within the University. Working like this on the course is a valuable skill for working in the industry, responding to a creative brief was part of the assessment for the Disney placement, so I was prepared for this and was confident in the skills I had already developed.

“The University’s Changemaker Hub team were so helpful as I started the work to secure a placement year. They helped me to create my CV and how to tailor it for each application. Then when it came to the opportunity with Disney, they supported me with preparing for interviews and preparing for assessment centres.”

For the early months of his placement year, Tobias has been working remotely, but he has recently been working from the impressive headquarters in London. Speaking about life on placements, Tobias said: “It’s a very different lifestyle on a placement year, compared to university. Although I’m only a few months into the placement, the kind of projects I’m working on are complex and I’m steadily taking on more responsibility and the workload is steadily growing. Not only am I learning more about the practical side of advertising and marketing, but I’m also developing my wider skills, learning more every day, and juggling a busy to-do list.

“I would encourage all students to embark on a placement year. It is a fantastic opportunity to put into practice the theory from your course and work on your communication and organisation skills. So far, my time at The Walt Disney Company has been everything you would want from a placement year: challenging, exciting and fulfilling, and with a sprinkle of the Disney magic that we all grew up with.”