Lost Passport and Visa in the UK

Your passport and UK visa (Biometric Residence Permit and Vignette) are very important documents and the process for replacing them if lost or stolen can be expensive and time-consuming. We recommend that you check all possible locations before reporting them as lost or stolen. We recommend that all students keep an electronic copy of both their passport and visa and keep them somewhere safe such taking a photograph of them and storing them in your email account. If you lose your passport and/or UK visa we recommend that you contact iss@northampton.ac.uk as soon as possible for further assistance.

If you lose your passport and Visa in the UK, you will need to report this to the Police as soon as possible to obtain a Police Report or a Crime Reference Number. You will then need to make contact with your Embassy in the UK to apply for a new passport.

If your visa was contained in your passport then you will need to apply for transfer of conditions using the TOC form. The fee for this is £168. You will be required once the Home Office has received your application to provide your biometrics (fingerprints and photograph). A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card will be sent once your application has been approved to replace your visa vignette in your previous passport. If your leave would have expired within the next 8 weeks then please refer to the TOC Guidance as you may not need to apply or you may need to apply under a different category. For further guidance please contact iss@northampton.ac.uk.

If you lose your visa and your visa was on a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card then you will need to report this online to the Home Office so that the Home Office can cancel your BRP card. You will need to apply for a replacement BRP card using the application for a replacement biometric residence permit form. You must do this within three months of reporting the loss of your BRP card. The fee for the postal application is £56. We recommend that you obtain a Postal Order from the Post Office rather than include your bank account details on the application form. We advise students applying for a replacement BRP card to complete the application form and then to book an appointment with ISSS to get your application checked before sending. Once your application has been posted, you will need to enrol your biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) once you have been notified to do so. If you require your BRP urgently then we recommend that you make an application in person. The fee for this is £646.


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