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Mr. Nick Cartwright

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Law
  • Department: Law

General information

Nick was awarded his MPhil by thesis in law which considers the judgment in Bland v Airedale NHS Trust from a philosophical by Keele University in 2009. He also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and an LLB (Dual Hons) in Law and Philosophy. Nick is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher education Academy. Nick is currently studying for his PhD which explores the relationship between equality and pedagogy.


Nick teaches on the following modules on the LLB Programme:

  • English Legal System
  • Introduction to Public Law
  • Research Methods
  • Terrorism

He also contributes to the ‘How to…’ extra-curricular skills session and runs the ‘law and film’ events. On the Masters’ Programmes Nick teaches:

  • European Crime and Security
  • National Security, Terrorism and the Rule of Law


Nick’s research focuses on the relationship between equality and pedagogy and he is currently focusing on his PhD thesis.


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