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The Examination of the Newborn

Key Facts

  • Level

    Post Registration

  • Duration

    6 months

  • Starting

    September, April

  • Fees UK 24/25

    Part time: £1,380 per 30 credit module

  • Location

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The Examination of the Newborn CPD module is a professional qualification undertaken with the full support of your line-manager and regular access to newborn infants and their parent(s) within an appropriate clinical environment.

The purpose of this module is to undertake the full physical examination of the newborn infant from a holistic perspective, critically appraising and evaluating the relevant antenatal and intrapartum factors in relation to contemporary literature and professional responsibilities, in accordance with local / national policy and the current standards of the NIPE Screening Committee, Public Health England.

Apply for The Examination of the Newborn level 6:
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Find information about our one-day workshop further below.

Updated 12/03/2024


  • Highly popular and sought after part-time module.
  • NMC and GMC registrants can apply at Level 6 (BSc) or Level 7 (Masters).
  • Active blended learning comprising face-to-face and virtual teaching offering flexibility.
  • Supported by credible lecturers experienced in the field of NIPE and contemporary midwifery practice.
  • Eligible to undertake the full systematic examination of the newborn (NIPE) on successful completion.

Course Content

  • You will draw on existing knowledge of the behavioural and physical health of the newborn infant to prepare you for in-depth exploration of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the testes, eyes and hip stability. The newborn examination module will develop your understanding of embryo and fetal development with a focus on critical periods that may be influenced by environmental and maternal factors. You will explore influences across the pregnancy continuum that affect neonatal health and undertake thorough history taking, enabling you to identify infants at risk of complications. You will develop your communication skills with caregivers to incorporate health promotion opportunities and breaking bad news. You will apply local and national guidelines in relation to care practices and referral pathways and use effective communication skills with the multidisciplinary team to meet the needs of mothers and babies.

    You will have access to a range of learning facilities which include seminars and practical workshops at Waterside Campus, Northampton. Online activities will incorporate interactive learning units and remotely delivered tutorials, accessed via the Northampton Integrated Learning Environment (NILE).

    You will be required to observe and undertake a number of practical systematic examinations of the newborn infant within your NHS trust, supervised by a qualified NIPE practitioner and supported by a nominated Practice Assessor. Your Practice Assessment Portfolio will be your evidence of completing the required number of examinations which will include critical reflection of your experiences. A case based assessment in the form of an Oral examination (VIVA) and production of an essay to meet module learning outcomes will be supported by tutorials and learning resources to equip you for independent study and assessment preparation.

    Methods of Learning and Assessments
    • Practice Assessment Portfolio – Pass / Fail
    • VIVA Case based assessment (30 minutes) Graded – 50%
    • Essay   (2,500 words) Graded  – 50%

    Please contact the Examination of the Newborn Tutors for more information by email: newborn.examination@northampton.ac.uk.

  • Pre-course requirements for the Examination of the Newborn module:

    • You will need to provide evidence of full support from your line manager prior to module commencement and be working in or have regular access to a relevant clinical practice environment and mothers with their new-born babies.
    • You will hold a current Nursing and Midwifery Council registration as a Midwife, Nurse or Health Visitor or with the General Medical Council as a General Practitioner or Paediatrician.
    • Please complete a manager form and attach a scanned copy to your online application.

    You can find further information about applying for this course on the Health CPD application page.

  • 2024/25 Tuition Fees

    Fees quoted relate to study newborn examination in the Academic Year 24/25 only and may be subject to inflationary increases in future years.

    • Module costs: £1,380 per 30 credit module for either L6 or L7.
    2023/24 Tuition Fees

    Fees quoted relate to study newborn examination in the Academic Year 23/24 only and may be subject to inflationary increases in future years.

    • Module costs: £1,335 per 30 credit module for either L6 or L7.

    For more information about possible funding options, please visit our Fees and Funding pages.

  • This one-day CPD workshop, delivered by NIPE experts, is suitable for healthcare practitioners currently qualified and skilled in the systematic Examination of the Newborn (NIPE).

    This NIPE workshop integrates a review and update of theoretical knowledge and practical application of the skills in examining the newborn baby, who is being screened within 72 hours of birth for risk factors and abnormalities of the heart, eyes, hips and testes (in males). Practitioners will be supported by expert clinicians to further develop their skill-set in performing a holistic assessment of early neonatal health.

    Your attendance and engagement with this day will contribute 7.5 hours of participatory learning relevant to your scope of practice and will allow you to reflect on principles of good practice in line with the relevant professional regulatory body. University of Northampton Continuing Professional Development certification is awarded on completion.

    • Date: 15 May 2024
    • Cost: £150

    Book one day course

    Core components of the CPD day include:

    • Overview of systematic physical examination of the newborn
    • Professional responsibilities (PHE standards / inclusion criteria / documentation)
    • Cardiovascular examination
    • Eye examination
    • Skeletal examination
    • Examination of the testes
    • Holistic examination workshop

    To find out more, please contact newborn.examination@northampton.ac.uk.

  • When can I start performing newborn examinations in practice under supervision?

    The core teaching and learning components of the module will be delivered within the first six weeks after which you may observe five full systematic examinations of the newborn before undertaking independent examinations under supervision.

    What technology device will I need access to whilst undertaking this module?

    You will need access to an electronic device with a microphone and camera ability in order to access module resources and participate in tutor mediated online sessions alongside peers, held in a virtual classroom within the Northampton Integrated Learning Environment (NILE).

    How will I be supported with the technology used on the theory component of this module?

    Your module tutors will guide you on the use of electronic platforms and technology enhanced learning during the module. Students can access the Learning Technologists for services and guides on the use of the Northampton Integrated Learning Environment (NILE).

    Who will support me with literature searching and academic writing?

    You will receive timetabled input from the University of Northampton Academic Librarian on accessing library resources and developing study skills.

    How will I be notified of my timetable?

    The module leader will be able to inform you of the dates you will be required to attend campus or engage in tutor facilitated online learning during the application process. Please note assessment submission dates and a full timetable will be made available at the time of the module launch.

    To receive notification of the ‘dates for your diary’ teaching content prior to your application, please contact the Examination of the Newborn Tutors by email at newborn.examination@northampton.ac.uk

    How long do I have to wait for assessment outcomes?

    Results for VIVA assessments, written assignments which include essays and portfolio’s will be released to students 4 weeks after the submission date.

    How can I access personal and academic support whilst undertaking the module?

    You will be allocated a Personal Tutor (PT) at the launch of the module who will support you in achieving the best from your time with us. You can contact your PT to discuss any aspects relating to your studies or to be signposted to more specialist support services if this is required.

    What format will the Practice Assessment Portfolio take?

    Your Practice Assessment Portfolio will be an electronic document that will require electronic input by yourself, your supervisors in clinical practice and  your practice assessor. Training and support on accessing, sharing and completing your electronic Practice Assessment Portfolio will be timetabled and you will have access to support from your Personal Tutor and the Learning Technologists.

    What are the mandatory training requirements in the clinical environment?

    You will be required to comply with mandatory training requirements laid down by your NHS Trust. You are advised to ensure your mandatory training is complete and up to date prior to starting the module.

    Who else will support my learning and development whilst undertaking the newborn examination module?

    Some theoretical components of the module will be supported by specialist practitioners within the field, for example, a paediatrician with cardiology expertise. Experienced NIPE practitioners from a range of backgrounds within your NHS Trust will usually welcome students who have questions or who wish to seek additional support.


Kim Ebbs, Senior Lecturer in Practice (Midwifery)
Kim Ebbs

Senior Lecturer in Practice (Midwifery)

Faculty of Health, Education and Society



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