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Starting a business in Esports: Content Creator/Streamers Perspective

Over the last 5/10 years esports as an industry has expanded massively. Within this, content creation and streaming saw record numbers due to lockdown which exploded its growth. Within this…

22 September 2023

Returning to university as a mature student

Beverley describes her thoughts and feelings on returning to the University of Northampton to study a Master’s degree, and shares her insights on life as a mature student.

12 September 2023

What to expect at a UCAS Fair

Going to a UCAS exhibition is a brilliant way to find out more about the universities you’re interested in and the courses they offer. This blog provides some useful tips…

4 September 2023

It’s Showtime: UON Fine Art Exhibition Event – 5-12 September

We invite the public, fellow peers, and academics to come and see the exhibition which is the culmination of our learning and development throughout our Master's Degree.

1 September 2023

Student work on display at the MA Fine Art exhibition: 5th – 12th September

The UON MA Fine Art students’ degree exhibition show is open at the Development Hub on 5th – 12th September. This blog provides information on the students that are exhibiting,…

31 August 2023

A quick guide to the new students’ enrolment process

Read this if you're enrolling at the University of Northampton in autumn 2023. A fast guide to student enrolment at UON

22 August 2023

Commuting to University: Tips to make the journey enjoyable

Sometimes a podcast, music playlist or just taking in the scenery on your commute to campus is more than enough to make your journey more enjoyable! In this blog you’ll…

16 August 2023

Clearing at UON: A Lecturer’s Experience

Anthony shares his experiences with Clearing and shares top tips for anyone thinking of applying to the University of Northampton.

11 August 2023

Top 5 things to do in Northampton if you’re coming for an open day

Kaiya shares the top five things visitors can do if they are in Northampton for an open day.

4 August 2023

What I wish I’d known as an international student moving to university

Starting at any university is pretty anxiety-inducing, daunting and can be quite scary. In this blog, student Mckenny will tell you about some obstacles he and others have faced when…

1 August 2023

Cooking healthy meals on a student budget

Living in university can be quite expensive. Many people worry about the cost of accommodation, travel, etc. However, student Mckenny will help you see how food doesn't need to be…

13 July 2023

As the curtains close for pride month: carry on the torch of visibility and representation

In part 3 of our Pride series, we continue to look at visibility, representation and allyship at its best. Don’t forget to continue to sing in rainbows all year round.

30 June 2023