NYC Journey – A Fashion Odyssey: Exploring the Big Apple

Date 25 October 2023

Third year student Gavriela Theologou writes about one of her favourite experiences and opportunities that she had while studying at the University of Northampton – a trip to New York!

Gavriela Theologou

As a student at the University of Northampton, you receive a huge number of opportunities throughout your years of study. For myself as a Fashion Marketing and Promotion student, one of the biggest, most exciting, and most memorable experiences was traveling to New York in my second year of studies for five days where we met, spoke, and learned more about our industry in fashion by visiting experts in fashion businesses, entrepreneurs, and employees of luxury stores.

We had a guided tour of Kleinfeld Bridal, and we met the amazing Zero Waste Daniel, a sustainable clothing brand that uses leftover fabrics to create garments. We also had the opportunity to visit Nordstrom and learn all the tips of the big brands. In addition to the knowledge we gained from our visits, we also experienced the fast-paced lifestyle the city carries during the whole day. It is called the city that never sleeps for a reason, every day we met new, different people who have the same passion as we do: fashion. The trip to New York offered a variety of opportunities as we also connected with the friendly people we met at the different industries, expanding our networks and getting our foot in the massive door of fashion.

Regardless of our meetings, we also had time to discover the massive city and explore the different charms it offers. One of my personal favourite visits was to an exhibition I attended in my free time dedicated to 50 years of hip hop – this exhibition had garments worn by some of the most famous performers such as Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, and even DJ Khaled. The Museum of Modern Art located at the heart of Manhattan was also a major source of inspiration as the home of some of the most famous collections in the world, including Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Pablo Picasso. Finally, Central Park was definitely one the greatest parks I have visited, you can walk around the greenery and the lakes forgetting that once you exit the park you are in the massive city centre of New York.

The University has offered me so many more opportunities with this one being my personal favourite as it helped me develop a variety of professional and employability skills that are needed when joining the working industries.

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Gavriela Theologou, third year Fashion Marketing and Promotion student
Gavriela Theologou

Gavriela Theologou is a third year student on BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Promotion at the University of Northampton.