Building a vibrant student community at your Student Union

Date 12 October 2023

Get involved with us at the Student Union with all of the activities we have planned for this academic year!

Rosna Roy

In my role I’m involved with the activities our sports and societies run, creating strong student communities and safe spaces for students to organise their activities and events. As a part of this, I organised an Onam cultural event, a harvest celebration that South Indians used to celebrate. As students these societies and sports clubs will be a great opportunity for you people to get socialise with the students and can make friends with same interests.

In my manifesto I have the points like Disability Sports and LGBTQ Sports and to increase the engagement of students in Sports clubs and Societies through different programmes. To increase the participation of students in those I have participated in the Pre departure briefing conducted by the International Students Team and I have introduced the Students’ Union to many International Students.

If you are wanting to know more about these societies and Sports Clubs we offer look at the full list on our website. All groups are free and easy to join.

We are always developing and growing our society groups, so no need to panic if you don’t see one, you’re after. Simply get in contact with the Students’ Union Team about how to set up your own society.

Connecting with your Students’ Union is a great way to stay up to date with events, support, and opportunities.  My door is always open for students to pop by for a chat or you can contact me with any questions via email. The Student’s Union office is located on the ground floor of the Learning Hub.

As we start the new term is the perfect opportunity to get involved and see how we can support and develop you.

Rosna Roy, Vice President for Activities at the Student Union
Rosna Roy

Rosna Roy is the Vice President for Activities at the Student Union at the University of Northampton for 2023 – 24.