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My fondest memory as an International student at University

Many memories are made at university, but for international student, Emily, it was joining a society that became her most treasured memory and helped her to feel at home.

14 November 2023

From Nursery to University: My Journey of Overcoming Challenges to Pursue my Passion

Jessica Jade Maxey has just embarked on a very scary but exciting journey in becoming a mature student. Jessica had to change her job and fit her life around this…

13 November 2023

“But I can’t sing!!” The importance of nursery rhymes when working with children

For World Nursery Rhyme week, lecturers and students on the Early Childhood Studies course share their thoughts on why we need nursery rhymes and how these can be used to…

9 November 2023

What Black Heritage Means to Me

We’ve recently celebrated Black History month here at UON, and we got to thinking what does Black heritage mean to individual students?

6 November 2023

Unitemps – boost your income and enhance your employability skills.

Undertaking temporary work that you can fit in around your studies is a great way of gaining additional income whilst enhancing your employability skills. This blog outlines the services of…

6 November 2023

Top tips: Bringing your gaming set-up to University

Coming to University and want to bring your gaming set up? This blog by George Hayward has you covered!

2 November 2023

NYC Journey – A Fashion Odyssey: Exploring the Big Apple

Third year student Gavriela Theologou writes about one of her favourite experiences and opportunities that she had while studying at the University of Northampton – a trip to New York!

25 October 2023

An alternative education: The Free University London experience

In 2019-2020, Onur was involved in Free University London (FUL), a higher education (HE) initiative that provides free university-level modules to anyone interested. The project has been a rich source…

23 October 2023

Menopause – What is it?

Sharing my experience of the going through the menopause, raising awareness, and sharing the support we have on offer at UON with the Menopause Support Group.

16 October 2023

Building a vibrant student community at your Student Union

Get involved with us at the Student Union with all of the activities we have planned for this academic year!

12 October 2023

Professional Nurse Advocate Week, 9 -13 October 2023

This week is Professional Nurse Advocate (PNA) week - a week to explore the role of the PNA. The Faculty of Health, Education and Society has provided PNA education since…

10 October 2023

6 employability tips for landing your dream job

Don’t let yourself be haunted by the uncertainty of an undefined career path. Developing a career plan can help you unmask your potential and put steps in place to achieve…

4 October 2023